Things to Think About With Bathrooms RenovationsThings to Think About With Bathrooms Renovations

There is a lot to think about when you’re about to renovate your bathroom. You’ll want to explore the options for vanities, fixtures, fittings, flooring, lighting, storage and more. Then there is the stress of making sure you choose a bathroom renovation company Perth homeowners recommend. Here are some items to think about, in order to help you plan and budget.

Storage Can Be a Real Issue

Often the first thought that comes to mind in regards to bathroom storage is to choose a vanity option that includes sufficient cabinetry, but there are other choices when it comes to storage. Your choice will be dictated by the size of your bathroom.

Many homeowners store their towels in a storage area that is outside of the bathroom itself, such as a linen closet. The mirror/cabinet option helps to store smaller things such as medications, moisturizers, and the like, but you also need to think about storage that fits the space without breaking the budget.

How big your fixtures affect the cabinetry you can fit around them. The smaller your bathroom, the more important your choice in both become. Your bathroom size will be affected too, by how old your house is. Older homes tend to have larger spaces, giving you more options to play around with in terms of bathroom renovations Perth. More modern homes tend to have smaller bathrooms. That is why it is so common for bathroom renovations to include remodeling, including knocking down walls and rearranging the layout of the home to create a larger bathroom.

Modernizing and Getting Creative

Hire the services of a bathroom renovation company Perth to help you plan the modernization. While you will need to do some creative thinking yourself, a professional will best guide you on achieving your dream layout. Think about how you can maximise the space, for example, maybe a wall-mounted or pedestal sink can help as it leaves more floor space open.

Then you could set a more shallow cabinet into the wall with only the door of the cabinet not being recessed. Think about where you can add shelving. Consider whether to add cavity sliding doors. These can help save the awkwardness involved with a door swinging in such a small space.

Customized Cabinets * Bathrooms Renovations

You could choose to invest in a custom cabinetmaker for your bathroom renovations Perth. A custom job means that your cabinets will be designed specifically for your bathroom. Custom cabinetry can be ]a great option if your bathroom features some unusual nooks and crannies.

Cabinets do not have to break your budget, and a skilled cabinetmaker will have the talent and knowledge required to meet your needs. If you’re set on a certain style, you could even have a cabinetmaker adjust a cabinet you’ve previously purchased, and have them adjust it to suit your bathroom space better.

Summary * Things About Bathrooms Renovations

When you think about having a bathroom renovation performed, make sure you pay a good amount of attention to your storage issues. That way, you’ll end up with a bathroom that not just looks great but also works in a practical sense too.


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