Indoor air quality is an issue when the air is polluted by dust, fire retardants, chemicals, and fragrances included in the cleaning supplies.

This is not only unhygienic but also unhealthy. For more, visit Residential Air Conditioning Santa Rosa. Here are a few tips to improve your indoor air quality.


Moisture levels, a major issue for indoor air quality, are decreased in homes through ventilation. But no, we’re not requesting that you throw open a window and let all the smog from the outside into your house. Install trickle vents in their place to clean and circulate the air inside.

House Plants

Houseplants can rejuvenate and purify the air in our homes and workplaces, protecting us from any negative effects of common toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. It is suggested that you have at least one indoor plant.

The following plants are suitable for indoor use: LilyAreca Palm, Golden Cane Palm, and Bamboo Palm can all be kept anywhere and thrive in indirect, bright light, but they do best in carpeted or freshly painted spaces.

Chrysanthemum prefers direct sunlight, as do Money Plants, also known as Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Silver Vine, Centipede Tongavine, etc.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to improve indoor air quality. You can use them as air fresheners, mists, and soaps for cleaner air. Here are a few essential oils you should use, rosemary oils, tea tree oils, thieves, etc are best for indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are very effective at removing airborne contaminants. The majority of air purifiers only remove gasses and particulates, not chemicals. Chemical and gas removal requires the use of activated carbon filters. Additionally, whether you maintain your heating appliance or air purifier, clean or replace the filter frequently to stop contaminants from being released back into the air. For more, visit residential air conditioning in Santa Rosa.

Restrict Smoking

Formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and thousands of other chemicals can be found in cigarette smoke. For non-smokers, exposure to secondhand smoke raises their risk of developing lung cancer and asthma. In addition, more frequent use of electronic cigarettes indoors could bring in fresh sources of indoor air pollutants like nicotine.


Small amounts of chemicals are released into the air for an unexpectedly long time by carpeting, insulation, cabinetry, or furniture made of painted or compressed wood. This pollutant is kind of a secret one.

When furnishing your office, use fewer of these types of materials. Delete outdated junk if not required. Keep the office space clean and sanitized.


The air around you plays a huge role in your life, it affects your health. Pollutants found in the air can cause harmful diseases, which might be deadly. Indoor air quality should be pure and pollutant-free.

You can improve indoor air quality by using a few things to remove bacteria from the air. Like essential oils as a mist, indoor plants to maintain air, and air purifiers to clean the air. Using non-chemical cleaning supplies But the most important thing is to let natural air in. For air purifying appliances, you can visit Residential Air Conditioning Service Provider.