After-Party Home Cleaning Easy

The next morning after a party is always a nightmare – cups everywhere, piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen, spills all over your furniture, and countless small messes that need to be cleaned. This is more than enough to discourage party hosts from hosting parties at home. The following tips and tricks will help you limit the mess and make the after-party cleaning effortless and a lot easier.

Use Table Clothes

While the tables are great, almost every one of them has cracks and grooves that trap food particles and spilt drinks. Tablecloths can save the day here. In addition to being fun and themed, tablecloths also collect all these unpleasant things and prevent them from sticking to your table. In addition, they simplify cleaning – you just need to pick them up, shake them out on top of the rubbish bin, and throw them in the washing machine.

Keep the Dishwasher Ready

A full dishwasher that hasn’t been emptied before the party can ruin that carefully prepared plan to clean as soon as possible. To make party cleaning easier, make sure the dishwasher is empty or near empty so you won’t have to unload it or clean the loaded dishes before loading the party dishes. You can also clean some of the party dishes before the party is over.

Emergency Cleaning Supplies

A Party mess is a sign that things are going well. The problem with left unattended messes, like broken glasses and wine spills, is that they can get worse. A few emergency cleaning supplies are therefore the best things to keep nearby. A broom, a mop, and some stain removers like salt, lemons, white vinegar, and soda are some of the items you need to keep your floors clean. Rather than having to do much work, they will handle the messes on the spot. A professional cleaner can always guide your better.

Provide Enough Garbage Cans

Guests can’t help you much with this part if they can’t find where to throw away their garbage. You should make sure that there are enough garbage cans throughout the house so that people can easily dispose of their waste. As a result, once the party is over, you won’t have to collect as many napkins, wraps, and other garbage around the house.

A Proper Place for Dirty Dishes

Make a small area for dirty dishes, so that guests can just leave their dirty dishes there when they are done with them. In the kitchen, place a basin filled with soapy water, and let your guests do their bit of the cleaning. This way you won’t have to hunt for dirty utensils and items all over the home after the party, and the dishes will be very easy to clean because all the dried food will disappear thanks to the soaking.

Say No to Messy Food

Creating a clean aura ain’t that hard. The logic here is very simple – no messy foods mean fewer messes, and fewer messes mean less cleaning. This is why every experienced party planner will tell you to stick to bite-sized foods; and avoid dips, sauces, and other meals which can create spills.