Several factors determine the unique taste your wine is going to have. These factors may range from the types of grapes that you use to the extent of fermentation that takes place.

Depending on these factors, the top four categories of wine that you must know about have been talked about in this article.

So, if you are about to go out for your monthly groceries or if you want to buy the best wine as a gift for a loved one, continue reading!

1.  Classic Red Wine

The acidity of this wine and the unique taste is obtained from dark-skinned grapes. The red color is also the natural color of those grapes. All of this, along with the tannin, is achieved by fermenting these grapes for a long period.

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Even though the name of this wine has the color red in it, it can vary from dark purple to a subtle shade of ruby. If compared to other wines, the pH level of red wine is lower than 5, which makes it more acidic.

As far as the notes of this wine are concerned, you will find a strong blend of fresh fruits with a hint of chocolate and coffee notes. These make the perfect combination with steaks.

2.  Elegant White Wine

White wine has quite an elegant personality, due to which it is preferred by many during fancy soirees. This type of wine can be obtained from dark grapes (making sure the skin is peeled off before the process of fermentation starts) and also green-skinned grapes.

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The acidity level of this wine is also high, like red wine, but the color is usually clear. You will experience a strong punch of fresh fruits such as peach or apple when you take your first sip. People often prefer to have white wine with seafood. You can also pair Loch Lomond Single Malt with it.

3.  Blush Rose Wine

The exquisite blush pink color of this wine sets it apart from every other wine. This color is obtained by fermenting the grapes without peeling the skin for a very short period. This type of wine tends to have lower acidity than red or white wine.

It needs to be your go-to wine if you prefer citrusy notes in your wine with a floral essence. The best of this wine is that due to the low tannins, you can pair it with every type of food.

4.  Fizzy Sparkling Wine

If you want to go all out and be fancy with your wine, you can opt for sparkling wine because it is almost like a fizzy drink. This is fermented even more than red wine. The fermentation process takes place twice. You can either make this wine in special pressurized tanks or by allowing it to age in a bottle.

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All the colors that have been mentioned above, this wine can be provided in any color. There is no one type of grape that you will taste in a bottle of sparkling wine. Moreover, the acidity level is slightly higher than moderate. It can even be paired with desserts.

So, now you can make a wiser choice in terms of purchasing wine as you are aware of all the notes, colors, origins, and tannins levels of different types of wine. All you need to do now is sit back and savor that last sip of your wine.