properties for sale in Torre del Marproperties for sale in Torre del Mar

The summer of 2022 will bring warm weather all over Europe and unfortunately many forest fires as well like recently in Mijas region and last month the village of Benahavis where the village was evacuated by the government. Luckily the stay is close to the sea in places such as Torre del Mar where on hot days the sea breeze offers some cooling. The interior is very green with many lakes and beautiful nature, the history is also enormous and there is much to do and see.

Is there a picture that better embodies the ideal fun activity on the beach? Imagine riding a horse along a spotless beach with the breeze in your hair, the waves lapping at its feet, and breathtaking sights all around you. It looks like a scene from a movie or one of your dreams.

Finding places in Costa del Sol where you can set up horseback riding on the sand is difficult as you need beaches with little development and crowding. However, on Torre del Mar beach, you may ride horses on the beach, and some of them offer more than simply riding.

Riding a horse has certain inherent dangers. Even the most well-behaved horses may become unpredictable and fearful in a variety of circumstances. Accidents can occur at any moment, even inside a riding centre. Although it’s a lot of fun to ride horses on the beach, safety should always come first to ensure the enjoyment of horseback riding. When you plan to search properties for sale in Torre del Mar  Here are some suggestions to assist you in ideas what Torre del Mar offers you.

Split the reins.

Always use split reins when you bring your horse into the water at the beach. If you are an English rider, separate your reins by unbuckling the central buckle. While swimming, it is possible for your horse to trap a leg in the reins; if this occurs with sturdy reins, you will find it difficult to release the horse. With split reins, the issue may be resolved by letting go of only one rein.

Maintaining Proper Horse Conditioning

Your horse has to put in a lot of work to swim in the water and go through deep sand. Before you go horseback riding on the beach, make sure your horse is in good condition. When you first go horseback riding on the beach, don’t put too much stress on your horse.

Be patient

The seashore is a frightening location for many horses. They have never seen anything like that before; therefore, some horses become tense. Establish that the beach is a beautiful place to be by being patient with your horse. There will always be additional excursions if you don’t push your horse too hard and he doesn’t go in the water the first time.

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