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You sure have surprised your brother a lot of times till today, and he would have smiled every time. From his birthdays to his small winnings at school competitions and festive occasions, surprising your brother is surely a forte that you excel at. But there surely are some unique items that you don’t have thought about gifting your brother. And we are here to help you go through some of the unique items that you can pick to make your brother feel special and stretch his lips wide.

Starry Spherical Lamp – From game nights to movie time in his home, your brother would love to have some lightning effect that sets the mood perfectly. And you can help him in that by gifting him a Starry Spherical Lamp. The word ‘Starry’ defines the galaxy feel on the lamp.

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Frog 3d Eye Mask – Some people do have issues having a sound sleep, and that can lead to many more issues, such as depression and stress. If you think your brother is going through a sleeping disorder, then you choose to make him smile by gifting a Frog 3D Eye Mask. Even if he doesn’t have a sleeping disorder, a sleeping mask with such a quirky theme makes a good gift option.

Acrylic Idea Lamp – Do you want to motivate your brother to think beyond the limits and do something innovative? Or your brother has been working on a project that requires creativity? Well, we have the perfect gift idea for you! An acrylic lamp that is in the shape of a mind and has words like ‘idea’ and ‘creativity’ engraved on it makes more than a perfect choice.

Moh Maya Wall Clock – You can make your brother smile and laugh for minutes without a stop and can decorate his room a little better. Wall clocks are a kind of essential to have in a room as looking at phone screens, again and again, to know time is bad for the eyes. But instead of picking a simple wall clock, pick a customisable one and get ‘Sab Moh Maya Hai’ printed on the dial.

Minion Print Copper Water Bottle – Having a water bottle is so good as it leads to developing a habit of drinking more water every day, which is so good for health. You can choose to gift your little brother a copper water bottle printed with Minion designs. And you can gift it along with rakhi on Raksha Bandhan. Buy the best kids rakhi online so that the Minion bottle can complement the rakhi.

Customised Bath Slippers – You may have gifted your brother a lot of customised gift items till today, but nothing near to a set of customised bath slippers. He can feel like a king of modern times after putting his feet into the sippers and walking those few steps to the bathroom. The colour choice wholly depends on what your brother likes.

Passport Cover – Getting your passport made is such a task, and thus it is important to keep passports safe. If your brother is a regular traveller, then you can choose to gift him a unique passport cover that stands out, and that won’t let him lose his passport anyhow.

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Cartoon Bobbleheads – Whether you want him to have some fun and quirky things in his room or a fun decoration on his car desk, you can never fail when you choose to go with cartoon character bobbleheads. You can pick from characters like Tom and Jerry, Ironman, Popeye, and Little Singham or superhero characters like Ironman, Thor, Krish, and Superman.

Thanos Punch Mug – Is your brother a fan of Thanos? Even though the character was the antagonist in the Marvel cinematic universe, he is loved by many. You can look for a Thanos Punch mug online to gift your brother some happy beverage time. When you look for the Thanos Mug online, you will get many design options to choose from.

You can pick the above-mentioned gift items to surprise him on a special occasion or any random day just to express your love. You can easily get most of the gift items online and may not find them easily at your nearest gift stores.

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