Prenatal massage

A maternity massage often called a prenatal massage, is any massage or hands-on therapy given to a pregnant woman. Pregnancy massages in Calgary or where you live are comparable to regular massages but focus more on the mother and child’s health. They usually last about an hour but may be modified to suit the mother’s requirements. Although massages are often given while you lay on your side, some practitioners choose to utilize massage tables for their clients. Here is all the information expectant mothers need to learn about receiving a massage in Calgary and your nearby area while pregnant, so continue reading.

Five Main Advantages Of Prenatal Massage

A massage while pregnant may help with both discomfort and stress. It may ease the pain of contractions, rendering them easier to bear and shortening labor duration. There is some evidence that it may help decrease the likelihood of having a baby who is either preterm or underweight. If you tell your doctor and massage therapist that you’re expecting, it’s typically safe to do after the first trimester. Some massage therapists pay special attention to pressure points and use various methods to alleviate pain and suffering. Let’s look at the benefits of prenatal massage in Calgary and worldwide.

1. Helps with Lower Back Pain

Pregnant ladies seek massage mainly to alleviate the severe back discomfort they experience during their pregnancies. It’s one of the first signs that you could be pregnant. Top, middle, and lumbar pain are all possible. From the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy until far after the baby has been born, she is at risk. Hormonal changes are to blame for early pregnant back discomfort. Putting on weight and seeing your body shape shift over time puts pressure on your muscles, causing pain and discomfort later in life. A maternity massage in Calgary and the rest of the world may help relieve these sensations and calm sore back muscles.

2. Decreases Anxiety   

Pregnancy is a difficult period for every expecting woman, no matter how happy she is to welcome her little bundle of joy into the world. Having to contend with fluctuating hormones and a fluid sense of self-image may be challenging. The cumulative effect of this and other daily stresses like money or job insecurity may devastate one’s vitality. Indulging in a massage once or twice a month is a great way to reduce tension and refuel. Fighting stress may be just as crucial for a mom as it is for a baby. Premature delivery and low birth weight are two outcomes linked to stressed mothers during pregnancy.

3. Improves the Art of Chill

Regular massage therapy may reduce stress hormone levels and calm the central nervous system. The cortisol (stress hormone) is reduced, whereas serotonin and dopamine increase, which aids in our capacity to experience and control pleasurable sensations. The combined effect of these hormonal changes is one of increased calm and contentment. Every pregnant lady wants this from the beginning to the final trimester.

4. Improves Sleep Quality

Pregnant women often have difficulty sleeping. In the beginning, hormones pumping too quickly might make sleeping difficult. Later, sleeplessness is a common complaint among pregnant women due to various physical discomforts. Increased amounts of the feel-good hormone serotonin may result after a massage for the reasons outlined above. Improved sleep quality is a direct result of the serotonin boost. Better sleep quality is associated with less stress and discomfort.

5. Calms Down the Swelling

In addition to the previously mentioned advantage, massage also significantly reduces puffiness. In late pregnancy, swelling is typical due to blood and other fluid accumulation. The feet and ankles are the most common sites for this to manifest in the third trimester. Women who massage themselves regularly during pregnancy have a lower risk of puffiness. Fluids in the body tend to pool in the lower legs. However, a massage may help disperse them.


The benefits of prenatal massage therapy in Calgary and worldwide extend far beyond the physical. Within the practitioner’s scope of practice, it has the potential to serve as an adjunctive treatment, a holistic approach to prenatal care, and a safe space for advice and counsel. Before receiving a Calgary maternity massage therapy, it’s wise to see your doctor. Avoid massages if you’re pregnant and have any pre-existing medical conditions that might increase your chance of bleeding or miscarriage, such as high blood pressure or fever.

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