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Living for some time outside the country of origin is always an enriching opportunity, because, in addition to allowing contact with new cultures, people, places, and customs, it can also contribute – and a lot! – for your resume. That’s because it will make you a more versatile and up-to-date professional, creating many opportunities after the exchange!

After all, what successful companies are looking for today are people willing to learn, who know how to deal with the most different situations and unforeseen events and who are not afraid to take risks. And it is precisely these skills that living abroad can bring you!

Want to know more about how studying abroad can help you get the job of your dreams? So, read on and see some of the main advantages that this experience is capable of providing!

More professional possibilities

If you are looking for new job opportunities and want to improve your resume, investing in an exchange is a great idea! After all, few things can add as many positive aspects to your life as diving headlong into new experiences and ways of thinking and living.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of trip is, of course, learning a new language. Many companies demand from their professionals the ability to communicate fluently in English, especially for higher and competitive positions.

And if you want to easily express yourself in that language with your future clients, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in a country with native speakers, right? In this way, you will learn English quickly and efficiently and you will also make many new friends and professional contacts.

Another factor highly valued by employers is the realization of improvement, postgraduate, and extension courses in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, which have internationally recognized technical schools and top universities in the world and are equipped with the most modern technologies. After all, a good professional is always on top of the news in his area, and never tires of learning.

Therefore, it is interesting to invest in an exchange program that allows for courses or work experiences. With all this on your resume, your ideal job will be getting closer and closer!

Development of new skills

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had to deal with a completely new situation, without the quick and easy help of the people you are most used to? Because it is exactly this type of experience that makes us grow the most as professionals and as human beings, and that you will have to face during studying abroad.

During this period of living abroad, you will see how creative you are to find the solution to problems that before would seem very difficult, such as solving bureaucratic issues in another language, moving to an unknown place, and studying or working with people with cultures totally different from yours.

Besides, you will also have to deal with a new load of duties and obligations. There, you will be largely responsible for your actions and their consequences, and this will certainly make you a much more autonomous and well-resolved person. It will be possible to realize that every decision has consequences and that dealing with them is part of anyone’s professional growth. Thus, you will mature in a few months what you would not have matured in years in your comfort zone.

Another great skill that can be developed abroad is the ability to work in a team. You will learn that it is not possible to achieve great things alone and that forming bonds is important to have a happier and more balanced life. To do this, you will make friends with people who are completely different from you and learn to overcome differences to achieve a common goal.

Greater confidence in career choice

Working abroad or taking advantage of the trip to take an improvement course in your area are factors that help a lot when it comes to be sure about your personal and professional choices.

This is because, abroad, you will have contact with a job market that is totally different from the one in your country, which opens doors for young people to learn from influential people, get to know companies with a global reach, and study at universities with a teaching tradition in the most different areas of knowledge.

In addition, you will be able to learn new market tactics and business practices, and you will have access to the latest technologies and digital tools. All this will also be added to coexistence with professionals from different universities and places of the world, which will bring a new vision about the scope of the activity you carry out, which is a characteristic that is very well regarded by multinationals.

After these experiences, you will get to know the different branches that exist within your profession, and you will develop more skills to see the same situation from several different angles. In this way, it will be possible to better understand all your possibilities within the chosen career and have more confidence to establish yourself in the job market, after your return to your country.

Personal maturation

One of the advantages of studying abroad most mentioned by people who have taken this type of trip is that, in addition to bringing a lot of professional knowledge, it also greatly facilitates self-knowledge.

This is because, while we get to know a new culture, we also get to know ourselves better. After all, when we are away from home, we are forced to come into contact with situations that are very different from what we are used to, which makes us reflect better on our identity and the place we came from.

During your studying abroad, you will discover what you really like, what makes you happy, and what your ideal life is, among many other things. This type of knowledge, in addition to bringing a lot of self-confidence, is also among the qualities that employers are most looking for in the market.

There are many opportunities after studying abroad, and after spending some time abroad, you will be able to take advantage of them at your leisure. So be sure to add this amazing experience to your resume! In addition to improving your professional side, you will also build unforgettable friendships and memories!

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