Fantasy sports applications have made a major influence on the market over the years. And cricket is one of the top 5 sports types users play on their devices today. Cricket is a sport that has a country-specific target making it a low competition but high return sports type. Therefore, the success rate of a cricket fantasy sports app can be high as it has a specific market share.

However, it is essential to note that the overall market is growing at a high rate. Businesswire’s infographic report suggests that the global market of fantasy sports has an incremental growth of $9.34 billion by 2024. Hence, there are multiple opportunities for emerging companies to grow. Let’s take a look at the top 10 successful fantasy cricket apps in the market. 

Top 10 Competetive Fantasy Gaming Apps in Cricket

The following fantasy cricket apps are some of the best performers in the industry. With many factors to classify these applications, the numbers do not correspond to their positions on any leaderboard. However, these top 10 apps are performing terrifically in the online world today.

  1. Dream11

One of the most prominent applications in the industry of fantasy cricket is Dream11. It is the top-grossing application in the industry with over 75 million users. It is a comprehensive platform that offers more than just cricket gaming such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, handball, and kabaddi. Making it a prominent competitor in the industry standing tall as a brand. 

Furthermore, the app has sign-in bonuses as a complementary for first-time players. The company was founded in 2012 and has been evolving ever since. Today, there are various challenges, leagues, tournaments, and battles that the application provides to users. Besides that, it is important to note the default currency of the app is “₹” and requires KYC to start gaming on the platform. 

Dream11 has an easy yet stylish interface that complements the huge pool of cash prizes. Multiple contests help over the abovementioned sports types. Additionally, the platform provides daily promotions and offers for the users to build excitement. Some of the top Indian cricket team players are the ambassadors and promotional faces of the app too creating the right buzz in the market.

  1. My11Circle

With a unique selling point in the market, the application is also one of the very top performers of cricket fantasy sports applications. Though the app has a less user base of 15 million, the app offers something that other apps don’t. There is a special challenge in the game that a veteran Indian cricket captain, the brand ambassador of My11Circle, offers to the users. 

The challenge allows a user to earn a variable amount of money that they start with according to the challenge difficulty. What makes it exciting and worthy of attention is it changes for every match and series of cricket. 

The founders have mostly focused on cricket but they also offer soccer and kabaddi. My11Circle has no maximum withdrawal cap allowing users to keep a huge amount in there and withdraw all of it at once. However, there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $1.27. The multi-Team combination helps users create a fantasy team with more options. 

Other than that, the platform has some big pools of prizes for the users and a very lucrative referral program. Though users need some time to settle down, once they will get a hold of the application, the interface can be easy to navigate for them. 

  1. MPL

One of the fastest growing fantasy cricket apps of all is Mobile Premier League with featured events as a unique idea for the users and customer base. MPL has more than 25 million users now, but, it indeed accumulated around 10 million users within three-fourths of a year since its launch. Moreover, the app not only pays cash prizes but also offers motorcycles, cameras, and other gifts as the winning prizes. 

Interaction, engagement, and attention-seeking capabilities of the app make it easy to market among the huge hungry market today. Throw in some freedom of no minimum and maximum limits for users, and boom the market is surely going to notice you. MPL has grabbed the user base quickly through the huge prizes and rewards along with referral programs and quick withdrawals. 

They provide cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball as the primary fantasy games for the users. However, they also have a plethora of mini-games such as pool, speed chess, sudoku, and much more that also offer rewards to the users. Thus, they can quickly extend their market reach in the industry.

  1. Gamezy

Indeed a strong and uprising competition in the fantasy games app is Gamezy with 10 million users. What makes this application unique is that they allow users to continue playing fantasy sports even after the first innings of the match. They landed on the leaderboard with their claim to be the top rewarding fantasy application in the industry. Since its launch, the platform has paid around 200 million to the winners and users.

Thus, they are indeed strong competition in the market with their pay-outs and USP. however, they did not stop there, to make the application more profound, they ensure quick reward and prize distribution for fantasy gamers. They take 15 minutes from the match end to credit the user’s account with the cash prizes. 

Gamezy’s fantasy sports include Cricket, Football, Rummy, and Poker. However, the casual game list goes on with around 11 more games that also give cash prizes and rewards. The pool of games makes Gamezy a comprehensive fantasy sports app for users.

Withdrawals don’t have any limits and the app is also 100% fraud-free to play on along with secure transactions. The user interface is quick to understand and easy to navigate. Thus, it is a platform that the competition needs to keep their eyes open to.

  1. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is a production Paytm mobile payment service provider that allows users to earn cash prizes and Paytm wallet prizes. With cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball as fantasy sports, Payment First Games offers multiple features for users as well. Statistics suggest that there are 27 million registered users who leverage the powerful technology of Paytm for fantasy gaming. 

Their withdrawal support, no extra fees, rewarding referrals, welcome bonuses, and top-of-the-line tournaments sets them apart from the crowd. Besides that, the platform also has mini-games that users can play anytime and anywhere. The platform is also known for its massive rewarding mechanism that allows users to achieve huge payouts through multiple games. Gamers can also compete with each other through their multi-player contests directly through the platform.

Paytm has emerged to be one of the most trusted payment service providers in the industry and leveraging the brand name is making a huge difference in the market. Furthermore, creating a digital buzz and providing gamers with trivia quizzes make them unique in their way.  

  1. MyTeam11

The application with more than 1.1 million active users in the industry, MyTeam11, has a unique security feature that sets it apart from others. The Safe Play mode allows users to only join just before the first play of the sports. However, the application also has a regular mode that turns off the safe play feature for the players. Multi-team play allows users to work with up to 10 teams on the ground to maximize their winning chances.

With more chances of winning, the application attracts more gamers quickly. MyTeam11 application is slowly but steadily creating better fantasy cricket gaming opportunities for players. However, they have a long way to go to perfect the interaction and boost their brand presence. That being said, the platform has instant withdrawals with a minimum limit of $1.27. 

MyTeam11 has fantasy cricket, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and kabaddi. They offer multiple contests, quizzes, and competitions with huge daily prize pools. Though the platform is drawing the attention of the gamers for the prizes and comprehensive fantasy gaming experience, the application still has many areas to improve upon. 

  1. CricPlay

CricPlay is one platform that the competitors need to look for in the market. With their amazing USP of no initial deposits, the game is going to kick off in the market soon. It has more than 5 million downloads due to its multiple integrated features for the gamers of fantasy cricket. The allows users to substitute, change captain, and vice-captain during the game. It helps by maximizing the game-winning chances for the customer and adding loyalty of customers to the brand. 

There are multiple game modes for customers to explore. These include fantasy leagues, super leagues, and challenger leagues for fantasy team build-up and play. On the other hand, users can also participate in daily predictions and star contests to earn cash prizes. The super league has various power-ups that make it more interesting to play and the star contest keeps the challenge going. CricPlay indeed focuses on the adrenaline rush for the users to keep them on the edge. 

However, what it lacks for the market is the tunnel’s focus on cricket as their only fantasy sport. Thus, they might miss the massive gamer base that they could have bagged with more sports. At the end of the day, they still are making quite a mark in the industry. 

  1. Howzat

Named after wicket-taking term, Howzat offers a different point system that allows them to call “howzat” on their competition as well. They have a detailed guide on the calculation system on their website for cricket, football, and kabaddi. The pointing system makes the users achieve points or lose them at every turn of the game making the scoreboard everchanging to start with. With over 10 million users, Howzat is indeed a prominent application in fantasy cricket today.

The developers of Howzat have been in the digital gaming market for quite some time now. Junglee Games is known for its online rummy tournaments through their well-known application of Junglee Rummy. Howzat too has kept its app size small at just 10.6 MB allowing more and more users to take advantage of the app. 

  1. Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro was initially not similar to other fantasy sports applications where the user has to build teams. However, with more and more regulations and advancements, Nostra Pro also allows users to create teams for fantasy leagues. Majorly, the application paid the gamers over the statistical predictions of the sports. Users can earn from the winning team, max run-scorer, and top wicket-takers.

Nostra Pro features cricket, soccer, table tennis, and kabaddi as their fantasy game options. However, they also have poker, rummy, and other games on their platform, that allows gamers to earn. The game has a cap for the first withdrawal of $1.27 and later has a minuscule limit for the users. On the other hand, they have a mighty reward and referral program to compensate for the little to no limitations.

The game prediction rewards are one thing that sets them apart from the crowd though. Therefore, Nostra Pro packs a market punch that they can leverage in the future with better enhancements in the application itself.

  1.  11Wickets

They have hit the market as a right substitution with the “select your substitute” feature. A relatively new platform that offers a good unique feature for the gamers to play with inside the fantasy sports. A single substitute as a 12th man in the game creates tactical gameplay for fantasy cricket lovers. On the other hand, they have expanded their fantasy sports to soccer, baseball, basketball, and kabaddi to take complete advantage of the diverse market.

They have more than 3 million users now but the application does hold a promise in the industry. It has multiple tournaments going on and off throughout the year and by adding a good referral onus, the company is creating better opportunities for the gamers to earn. Sadly, the app has a $3.17 minimum withdrawal limit but compensates it with a welcome bonus and quick transactions. It is indeed growing quickly in the market today.

These are the top 10 best-performing fantasy cricket applications around the world. Dream11, however, is on the top of the list due to its feature-rich application, easy-to-navigate interface, and different bonuses and security. The industry has a nice competition and touchpoint because of the Dream11 application. 

If you are staggering to learn what you need and why should you develop an application similar to Dream11, then the following parts of the article will help you. You will understand the building blocks of the platform, the requirements, and a little more detail about the costs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Own Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy sports app development requires the consideration of a few factors. These factors will help structurize the platform and build the fantasy application with better functionalities. 

What are the Factors to Keep in Mind?

The building blocks of the app are: 

  1. Extreme responsiveness for the gamers
  2. Live Score API Integration
  3. Features and Functionality Outline
  4. Legal certifications and fees
  5. Number of Teams for Deployment

These will help you create a detailed outline of the project that you undertake as multiple-phase development of the application. Below you will find details about the features and functionalities of the platform that you need to integrate for running a top-quality application. Most of the features are necessary while some are optional but offer a better chance for your business to grow.

Front-End Features for Users

The front-end features refer to the application interface and other functionalities for the contestants to use. It helps them to start using your platform, make changes as a player, take advantage of offers, and deposit/withdraw money.


The very initial section of the application is the registration/login page. You can add sign-up through different accounts such as Google, Facebook, or Apple ID. it will make the registration process more easy and quick. On the other hand, for login purposes, you can add the remember me feature and integrate the save details feature of the login credentials into the login page. 

View Player Details Page/Landing Page

The initial interface of the application starts from here. The player will be here as soon as they log in to their account. It will show a brief about player details, a list of ongoing/upcoming matches, a match list/type/name, and various other information. Depending upon your requirement you can add different functionalities to the landing page to make it more interactive for the users. Furthermore, it will help in quick navigation through the app as well. 

Settings (Hamburger menu)

The unmissable part of the initial interface is the top corner menu feature that allows the users to navigate through the profile settings. It will also have tabs to go deeper into the information about certain features. This might include but is not limited to transactions, payment management, account information, bonus tab, referral program, leaderboard, earnings, match history, and logout options. 


A dedicated tab for the contests is necessary for a fantasy application as the user will frequently navigate there for games. The contents tab or page will list down all the information regarding contests in the game. You can create two sub-tabs to divide ‘upcoming’ and ‘my contest’. Further, you need to add multiple filter types to help the users reach their desired ones quickly. These filters might have but are not limited to fee range, contest type, participation size, name, win amount, number of winners possible, and so on.

Join Contests

A section or a dedicated page for the user to pay for particular contests, choose their team, create alerts, add it to the wishlist, and/or join the contest. It needs to be very responsive, secure, and a payment gateway integrated. 

Multiple Team Creation Page

A USP-based page for the players to create multiple teams to participate in contests. You can add 2 free slots and add on the 3rd one by in-app purchase. These will help the players to create multiple fantasy applications that can work well in different scenarios. Importantly, it will allow them to manage their fantasy teams more effectively.

Back-End Features for Admin

Administrator, on the other hand, requires an in-depth understanding of the applications. It is necessary for better management and effective resolution of problems. The Back-End of the application is the spinal cord of the platform that keeps the app working. 

Admin Login

A basic yet responsive login page allows the admin to quickly step into the dashboard with the correct credentials. It doesn’t need to be too fancy, but a quick response will be a plus.

Powerful Dashboard

Just like the landing page, the dashboard for the admin will have in-depth information about every movement of the application. Starting from the active players, upcoming/ongoing/ played matches, referrals, earnings, and payouts in the game. A powerful dashboard will help in the clear management of the app.

Account, Match, and Contest Management

With different tabs corresponding to user accounts, matches, and contests, the admin can quickly work through adding, editing, deleting, activating, and deactivating the necessary ones. It gives more control and management to the admin to keep the platform working throughout the contests.

Earnings and Payouts

Admin needs to get a clear and in-depth understanding of the total and filtered earnings from the application. Furthermore, what payouts need to be pushed out, the cash rewards for the users, and bonuses for players can be easily put through. Management remains at the heart of the admin panel of the application and making it easy can create better opportunities for the business to understand the users.

Reports Manager

An important functionality to integrate into the admin panel is the report manager. It allows the admin to create an in-depth report about matches, players, rankings, earnings, payouts, and much more. The report manager is important for business understanding and opportunity grabbing over the platform.

These are the two major panels your application must have. However, there are many additional features and functionalities that you can integrate into your app to add more profoundness. 


Other than the admin and user panels functionalities, you can have features that support your application and help you understand the details more efficiently. 


The CRM allows your team to work more cohesively in managing, the mails, tickets, complaints, and location queries more effectively. It will tremendously help in this platform, because queries surely come in high volumes, and tackling them will be a hassle.

Geo-Location Tracker

Your application needs to be specific to geographical boundaries as every country has its regulations. Therefore, targeting the right customer base is important. Furthermore, it will help you to send users notifications of nearby games. It will make the application interactive and build brand trust. 

Live Scores

As mentioned in the building block factors of the application, integrating live scores about the matches is necessary. Though it is not part of any panel, it helps the users to quickly respond to the scores and check their points with it. In the absence of live scores on your application, they will have to navigate to another application or browser for the details. It might become a reason for losing a user as well.

Analytics Feature

Using the data in a fantasy application is important as the data will help tally up scores, create leaderboards, and automate the rewards, earnings, and payouts. Thus, data analytics feature integration will help your app to store data in real-time. In the future, you can add machine learning to the app for better contests.

Cloud Server

These applications need access from multiple places around the world. Therefore, it is important to find hosting for your app. There are multiple cloud service providers in the market that you can leverage for your application to be on. 

What will be the Cost of Creating a Fantasy Cricket App?

To put up an application that only has front and back-end panels, the cost will range somewhere around $20,000 to $30.000. However, it will largely vary on the developers, the customizations, and the requirements. If you start with different kinds of customizations of your apps, the prices will increase based on the work the developers have to put in and the charges for the functionality.

To break it down, hosting is a recurring cost with an estimation of $1,000 for hosting the application over the cloud. Secondly, there is domain registration which costs low, to begin with like $15-$25 per year. The legal fees depend on the location you are from, and their regulations. The annual maintenance charges will be somewhere around $1,000 as well. In addition, some data feeds need to be bought and integrated into the application too, thus, it will have charges as well.

In Conclusion

The fantasy cricket applications today are indeed making a major mark in the market with tremendously growing popularity and user base. Moreover, it is a profitable business due to its market growth, user expansion, and low competition. However, one needs to consider the different costs and features that the application must have. There are many applications out there in the market, but having a unique selling point makes a major difference.

With competitors creating highly responsive and interactive applications for the players, the idea is to launch an application that has more bonuses, offers, and multiple features that can make a significant mark in the segment. With the above pointers, your business can kickstart an application at a basic level with few developers and teams. However, if you want to expand your business opportunities, you must look for a customer fantasy app developer in the market and personalize the application accordingly. It will give you an edge from the beginning. 

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