A ceramic-based finish known as cerakote can be applied to a wide range of materials, including wood, plastics, as well as polymers, as well as metals. The one-of-a-kind composition that is utilized to make Cerakote ceramic coating improves a variety of physical performance attributes, such as resistance to abrasion as well as wear, corrosive and chemical resistance, fracture toughness, and hardness. In order to ensure that Cerakote products continue to be at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market, every one of these characteristics is put through a battery of stringent tests. OEM coatings from Cerakote are applied with cutting-edge technology, which allows them to outperform any other competitive OEM coating in controlled laboratory conditions as well as in real-world settings.


This specific finish results in a powerful hardness that really is pretty much only surpassed by diamonds in terms of its competition. To protect steel from corrosion, anodizing needs first starting an electrochemical process. This procedure helps prevent steel from rusting. The sole disadvantage to anodizing a firearm is that it causes its treated parts to “swell” slightly, although this is only a problem if you are not the manufacturer. Because of this very insignificant increase in size, some modifications are going to be necessitated before your pistol can once again perform its intended functions. However, anodized steel also is fairly porous, which means that it can keep paint in a much better manner than regular steel. When getting a spray-on coat applied, weapons (and/or specific parts and accessories) are often anodized first. This step is not always necessary, though. The fact that the spray-on coat, which is normally used for coloring, can be chosen with consideration given to its protective qualities is the primary advantage that this provides.

Parkerizing (Phosphate Finish)

The treatment of gunmetal with parkerizing, which also goes by the names phosphating as well as bonderizing, produces a finish that is greater durable than bluing and offers enhanced resistance to corrosion, nicks, and scratches. In the 19th century, England was the birthplace of the phosphating method, which was developed there. In the United States, the Parker family was responsible for the invention’s future development. The United States military utilized this method during World War II to begin producing rifles in large quantities, and it has remained in widespread usage ever since that time.

Oxide Negra or Black Oxide (Bluing)

Black oxide finishing, more popularly known as bluing, is indeed a traditional method of treating steel that, if correctly pre-finished, protects weapons from corrosion while also decreasing glare. Bluing also is known by its other common name, black oxide finish. An electrochemical reaction that converts surface iron to magnetite is necessary for the black oxide finishing process, which oxidizes metal surfaces. This reaction is accomplished via the black oxide polishing process.

The procedure is known as black oxide finishing results in a finish that really is resistant to corrosion, of such highest possible quality, and which does not chip, peel, or alter the overall dimensions of the firearm piece it was applied to. Black oxide is favored as a corrosion-resistant finish for the OEM coating of gun barrels and other small components because it is among the absolute cheapest corrosion-resistant finishes available on the market. In order to prevent rusting, this type of finish requires the application of gun oil. The processes that are used are either ones that are hot or ones that are cool.

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