Wholesale plus size clothesWhat to Consider While Buying Wholesale Plus Size Clothes Online?

It’s safe to say that products with endless demand include sexy clothing. People wear clothes as it is the basic necessity of any human being. Despite the economy tanking, demand for clothes remains reasonable when discretionary spending goes down.

An aspiring apparel entrepreneur can choose from a variety of options. Everyone can make and design their clothes. Also, it is not possible for everyone. As a non-designer, you would likely look to ready-made source designs that match your brand aesthetic and meet customer needs.

Following are some of the best wholesale apparel vendors, and learn how to choose the right one for your company.

How to Buy Plus Size Clothes from Wholesale Clothing Vendors?

You’re not the only one who finds it challenging to find wholesale clothing suppliers. The key lies in finding the right partner for your business and your customers.

1.     Remember to Buy For Other Demographics:

Having junior styles on offer means that you should not overlook your younger audience. According to the NPD group, US teens bought less from the juniors last year (down from 81% in 2012 to 73%). Everyone has a distinct body size and shape, which fits in sexy bikinis. Despite their body shapes, they always try to follow the trends. Therefore, always keep your younger customers in mind when you are buying products for your store.

2.     Embrace The Brand Person Search:

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Canada, or another place that has good manufacturing and/or fashion industry, visit local showrooms to see what catches your eye. Choosing a local retailer is also likely to result in more convenient and affordable shipping rates.

3.     Research the Reviews:

An attractive wholesaler and their products do not necessarily mean that they are good. It’s important to hear from real-life merchants about their experiences working with the suppliers. Make sure to read reviews to find out what others are saying, and be attentive to red flags and complaints.

4.     Focus On Your Curvy Mannequins:

Let’s say you have size five jeans and size small tank tops in your store. Your in-store displays should have a good stock display on them. Your plus-size items should not only be featured in your plus-size section.

The whole store should be filled with plus-size items, not only the plus-size section. Most people see what is inside the store instead of displays. Buying intentions can be established more strongly if a doll wears an outfit that closely matches the body contour of the customer.

Final Verdict:

Remember to double-check shipping information and order minimums when you buy wholesale plus size clothes. Some suppliers only ship locally or to a limited number of international destinations, while others will ship to almost any location.

Remember to factor in customs and duties when shipping internationally (not to mention the potential for additional delays). It’s also a good thought to ask about order minimums, especially early on. Small order minimums are ideal if you don’t feel comfortable investing a large amount of inventory with a new vendor.


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