When do you need an Entertainment Lawyer?Lawyer

Like any business sector, the entertainment industry runs on legal documents such as intellectual property agreements, contracts, and different types of creative licensing agreements. While artists and creatives are amazing at making art and movies, they may require some legal advice in a variety of subject areas including copyrights, contracts, trademarks, and others. Protecting your interests in the entertainment world may require the assistance of an experienced Entertainment Lawyer.

Who is an Entertainment Attorney?

An entertainment attorney is well-versed in the law related to the entertainment industry. These legal practitioners have experience in providing advice to artists and others in the media industry. Along with giving advice, an entertainment attorney can assist in handling different issues such as the publication and distribution of intellectual property rights.

Entertainment attorneys play an important role in navigating the entertainment world. They can also assist an aspiring filmmaker by making introductions to renowned industry professionals such as managers and agents. Visit a Website to get more insights on how an entertainment lawyer can help you navigate contracts and intellectual property (IP).

Areas of Expertise of an Entertainment Legal Counsel

Artists may have many questions about copyright infringement, copyright claims, contracts, and other legal intricacies of the media world. Some of the most common areas where an entertainment attorney can help include:

  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Legal advice and counsel
  • Drafting of agreements
  • Litigation


If an artist, filmmaker, or music performer has to negotiate with some other party, certain skills and experience will come in handy. Entertainment lawyers know how to negotiate and what details to look for before agreeing to the terms and conditions of a contract.  A well-negotiated contract can provide years of benefit to an actor or filmmaker.

Legal Advice

Legal contracts and agreements may be difficult to understand. Therefore, an entertainment lawyer may be able to help creatives, artists, and production staff in understanding employment laws and regulations. Your attorney can also assist you in different aspects of IP law, employment law, and applicable labor guidelines.


Drafting legal documents is one of the most essential responsibilities of an entertainment attorney. In the day-to-day business of an entertainment company, drafting legal documents is a regular occurrence. Your attorney can review all of the vital information related to a contract such as copyright licenses and infringement notices. The entertainment industry is rife with non-compete agreements and their impact must not be overlooked. All these agreements have terms and conditions about what will happen when the contract ends or in situations where the artist becomes unable to work.


Regardless of how well a contract is drafted, there is always the risk of a legal dispute arising. In such circumstances, parties may opt for litigation to enforce their perceived rights under the agreement. If you find yourself facing the prospect of a trial, you need the help of an experienced trial lawyer right away.

As the entertainment industry is booming, there may be disputes that arise between the artists and the production companies. Regardless of what side of the dispute you are on,  don’t wait another day. Call us today to talk to one of our experienced entertainment attorneys.