[Answer] Which was a real “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s?

Introduction to the inquiry “Which was a genuine “Star Wars” based breakfast grain sold in the 1980s?”

Introduced by Kellogg’s in 1984, C-3PO’s resembled Cheerios in look, although they were formed like the character eight. Tv commercials included C3P0 and his dependable sidekick, R2D2 participated in various intergalactic journeys with a dish of crispy grain little bits always close at hand. Each box consisted of some type of motion picture collectible, such as sticker labels of the film’s characters. Regrettably, despite having among the most recognizable robotics in history as a pitchman, it wasn’t sufficient to mask the truth that C-3PO’s were a bitter grain that really did not appeal sufficient to the sugar-addicted youth of our earth.

Breakfast Ideas | Star Wars Breakfast Cereal In The Early 1980s

The first real Star Wars-themed breakfast cereal hit the market in the early 1980s. This golden blend of three grains had a C-3PO logo on the front. However, the popularity of this product was short-lived, and the box has since been a rare collectible. Today, collectors often seek out Star Wars-themed breakfast items. Here are some examples of real star-wars-based breakfast cereal.

The first “Star Wars” cereal was introduced by the Kellogg’s company in the late 1980s. Its box featured a Star Wars logo. It also had a low glycemic index, allowing it to be digested slowly in the body. This Star Wars-based breakfast cereal was popular in the 1980s and resold in many supermarkets.

Kellogg’s C-3PO Breakfast Cereal

Kellogg’s C-3PO morning meal cereal was the name of the celebrity wars grain introduced in 1980. C-3P0 and also his faithful buddy, R2D2, had revealed commercials taking part in different intergalactic experiences, generally with a bowl of crunchy cereal little bits nearby. Each box had a flick collectable, such as sticker labels of the movie’s characters. Unfortunately, despite having one of history’s most recognized robotics as a pitchman, it wasn’t enough to hide the fact that C-3PO’s were an unsweetened grain that didn’t interest our earth’s sugar-addicted children.

Nevertheless, Kellogg’s generated a brand-new force in the morning meal market. Beside of each box featured an image from A New Hope visualizing Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, & also C-3PO fending opposite to stormtroopers in front of Tatooine’s Double Suns Cartel. Moreover, the cereal rewards consist of a ‘laser blast’ that can see through the translucent plastic box.

Even more rewards contain

A Spinning fatality celebrity.
An Emperor Palpatine ring.
A spinning Millenium Falcon.
A light-up message round.
It is extremely crispy in addition to honey-sweetened pieces of delicious cereal.

Moreover, Ralston Purina Business made the cereal. While this was basically suitable topurchase, it quickly vanished from the marketplace due to inadequate sales as well as became a collectable thing. Since its preliminary appearance in 1983, it has actually been progressively difficult to locate brand-new morning meal grain boxes on store racks. In addition, an original container is now incredibly rare, and also the cereal itself is tough to find.

Which was a genuine “celebrity battles” based breakfast cereal marketed in the 1980s? The solution is Kellogg’s C-3PO. Nevertheless, the grain pieces were same to the little or small figure eight while its preference coincided as Alpha-bits cereal along with the greater level of crunch.

C-3PO Breakfast Cereal | Best Breakfast Cereal | C-3PO Star Wars

Another famous cereal from the 1980s was called C-3PO Breakfast Cereal. It looked like Cheerios and was shaped like the number 8. Some boxes featured collectibles from the films, such as a Kellogg C-3PO sticker. There were also many other Star Wars-themed breakfast cereals that came with stickers of movie characters. A lot of consumers were interested in these unique cereals, so it’s important to know what they were.

C-3PO – Kellogg’s in the 1980s | C-3PO Star Wars

A cereal based on the movies C-3PO was sold by Kellogg’s in the 1980s. This cereal was similar to Cheerios, but shaped like a number 8. The cereal came with stickers of the film characters, such as R2D2, as well as stickers of C-3PO. The marketing campaign was very effective and the cereal was popular among children and adults.

First cereal sold in the 1980s – “Star Wars” – C-3PO

The 1980s saw the first cereals based on the movies. The iconic C-3PO cereal was sold by Kellogg. It was a popular product, and the movie made it a worldwide phenomenon. The brand also released a C-3PO version of the famous breakfast ‘Cheerios’ in different box sizes and packaging. This version of the cereal was a huge hit, with its cartoonish appearance resembling that of a ‘C3PO’.

In the 1980s, Kellogg’s first Star Wars-themed breakfast cereal was called C-3PO. It was a small, yellow, and white-colored cereal with an orange-colored logo on the front. It was similar to Cheerios, but it was shaped like an eight. In addition, the product was sold in the same box as its film-based cousins.

Second cereal sold in the 1980s | “Star Wars” | C-3PO Star Wars

The second cereal sold in the 1980s was the C-3PO cereal by Kellogg. The cereal looked like a Cheerios and had a Star Wars emblem on the front. The packaging featured a TV plug that showed the cereal’s C-3PO and R2D2 characters, as well as the mascot’s iconic ‘Star Wars’ logo.

Third cereal sold in the 1980s – “Star Wars” – C-3PO – Kellogg’s

The third cereal was called C-3PO, and it was sold by Kellogg in the year 1984. It looked like a Cheerios and was shaped like an eight. It also included stickers and collectibles related to the films. Some of these products have been re-released. They are still available in the market, but are a real star wars breakfast cereal?

Few facts about Kellogg’s C-3PO

Let’s do a less research about to that was a real “star battles” based breakfast grain offered in the 1980s? You will certainly be stunned after reviewing the realities regarding this cereal.

C-3PO’s is a golden blend of 3 grains: oats, wheat, and also corn. This also keeps ten necessary nutrients.
Kellogg’s debuted C-3POs one year later the third installment of the Star Wars trilogy had actually been released in theatres.
Just a few individuals understand a green version of the C-P3O. It included graphics from Return Of The Jedi published on the back.
Move-out masks of the Star Wars characters like as Luke Skywalker had infact included in the cereal boxes. It was an included slice of fun for the children and young or elder adults of that time.
The Internet’s fascination with grains has actually diverted off course in the 21st century. Because of this, C3PO has slowly come to be outdated.
When it initially involved the marketplace in 1984, it was referred to as “A New Force At Breakfast.” Additionally, the cereals within package had shaped like 2 similar rings laced with each other. Therefore, it produced an 8-shaped shape.
Kellogg’s C-3PO is the most effective meal for diabetic individuals. Because it is oat meal, that’s why it is best for the heart in addition to diabetic person clients.
Kellogg’s C-3PO oats have a reduced glycemic index (GI) and are taken in very slowly by the body. While some individuals believe that all Oats are charming choices.
I hope so; this short article will certainly assist you get the info about the Celebrity Wars grain. Which was a genuine “celebrity wars” based breakfast cereal marketed in the 1980s? The response to this inquiry is Kellogg’s C-3PO cereal.

In 1984, Kelloggs released C-3PO cereal. It looked like a Cheerios, and had a star on the front. It had a C-3PO figurine and other collectibles, and it was packaged like a candy cereal. Even the box had a sticker of the character, which added to its appeal. These were marketed to young children, and collectors were eager to purchase them.

In 1983, the Kellogg Company created a C-3PO-based cereal. The box was shaped like an eight, and the C-3PO-based breakfast cereal was popular in the United States and Europe. It lasted for only two years and had a high-profile, but was eventually discontinued, as it didn’t perform well in sales. The brand was a huge success in the 1980s and is still in production today.

Final words: “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s?

which was a real “star wars” based breakfast grain marketed in the 1980s? The C-3PO’s Breakfast Cereal comes with the complying with rewards: Rebel Rocket in plastic, Star Wars stickers and trading cards, Celebrity Wars conceals cut out of plastic, as well as a superb manage original Star Wars figures.

As part of a cereal multipack, Kellogg’s produced separately packaged serving-size grain boxes of C-3PO’s breakfast cereal as part of the grain range. These little boxes are difficult to discover and are taken into consideration important rarities by collection agencies.

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