[Answer] To the question “whose said famous last words were, “i have a terrific headache.”?”

Answer: FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT”I have a great migraine.” He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage a few minutes later.

The famous last words of one of our greatest presidents were often spoken during his final moments. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “I have a terrific headache” just before he went to bed, and the phrase stuck with him for the rest of his life. The 63-year-old had presided over the Great Depression and World War II, and his health suffered from the stress of his job. Vice President Harry S. Truman was elected in his place, but died a short time later, of a cerebral hemorrhage.

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The famous poet who uttered his famous last words were a poet. In 1821, Poe had a stroke, but remained alert and conscious. His last words were, “I have a terrific headache.” A few days later, he died, and the funeral was held two days later. Although it was a tragic end for both men, the poem was immortal and moving.

When a poet’s last words were “I have a terrific headache,” they were memorable. It was often difficult for the president to speak while he was dying. However, it’s impossible to say that a president’s last words are a tragically common way to end a life. In fact, the famous president’s “I have a terrible headache” quote was said by the late American politician, Richard Nixon.

Edgar Allan Poe’s

The poet Edgar Allan Poe’s famous last words were “I have a terrific headache.” He died on October 7, 1821, from brain congestion and a heart attack. His body was not autopsy-free, and his famous last words were “God Bless You.” This poem, “I Have a Terrific Headache,” was written a few days before he passed away.

Stephen King

Another poet whose famous last words were “I have a terrific headache” was Stephen King. He said that he had a severe case of migraine. His famous last words were, “I have a terrible headache,” and “I am going to die.” Sadly, this writer didn’t have a poetic death. His last words were a cryptic and mysterious reminder of his life, and they left a lasting impression on readers.

The famous last words of a president are the same when a person is dying. Interestingly, a man’s last words are also his last words. They’re not just a famous writer’s fate. Many people have suffered the loss of a beloved president. Their last words can inspire and motivate us. In this article, we’ve examined some of the famous words of a famous president.

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While most presidents had their last words recorded, others did not. During his final days, she was unable to write, and her niece noted that her “briefest message” was “I have a terrific headache.” She used the phrase “fog is rising” and “it was already damp” in her last days, but her famous last words were “I have a fantastic headache.”

In the 1940s, Gertrude Stein had advanced stomach cancer. The poet’s last words were “in that case, what is the answer?” after the surgery and remained unconscious for several minutes. In this manner, she was dying of Bright’s disease, although other contemporary researchers attributed her death to heart failure caused by severe hypertension. In the same year, she died of a terrible headache and her illness.

Lord Byron’s last words were “I have a terrific headache,” which he repeated in his final days. Apparently, he had a traumatic life. He was a tragic man, and his last words are her legacy. In spite of his terrible illness, he wrote “I have a terrific headache.” She even penned his last words to be read in public.

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