Why businesses are migrating emails to office 365?Why Businesses Are Migrating Emails to Office 365?

If you count, there are many reasons to Office 365. Benefits include using artificial intelligence and machine learning, improved IT security, and multi-user collaboration.

Improved Email Service Efficiency

With Office 365, everyone enjoys the technical benefits that AL and ML offer today. Intelligent use cases for Microsoft Graph make it easy to access information often defined around the platform, helping you understand how your company is speaking internally.

It also includes an intelligent automatic meeting scheduler, intelligent delivery detection, email sorting, intelligent email search results, and more. Additional AI-driven features give you clear metrics on how many emails your readers read and how many were opened.

Improved Email Security

With the increasing nature of cyber-attacks, robust email security is a basic feature that users expect from any email server.

Office 365 offers the most efficient features such as legal hold (unlimited backup of business mailboxes), anti-spoofing with sender verification tools like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, auditing (mailboxes), and encryption (SSL/TSL). It meets the requirements by adding security features. , multi-factor authentication with notifications, strong security policies for mobile devices (controlled access), Microsoft support for secure sources, and more.

Internal and External User Collaboration

Office 365 is one of the most efficient and easy-to-use email tools with a wide range of team collaboration options. Two-way sync between user devices with Calendar, Email, Contacts, and Notes Easy to set up out of office tools with Outlook Multi-platform support (Windows, iOS, Android) Multi-device support (one 5 devices at a time), contacts, mailbox, and calendar sharing, address lists (global), shared mailboxes (with access control to specific roles), Teams, Skype, SharePoint, integrated OneDrive, Storage, 150 MB capacity for email attachments, etc. Unlimited collaboration. Also, users can easily collaborate seamlessly with the help of a Desktop in the cloud and access their confidential data from anywhere without hampering the work quality.


Moving to a cloud platform means more flexible space. Businesses moving to Office 365 now can take advantage of this large space indefinitely.

Microsoft Office 365 makes your company files accessible from anywhere. Employees can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, increasing productivity and accessibility.

Businesses can migrate exchange 2010 to Office 365 from any email server or system. You can import your email data, files, calendar, and contacts into your Office 365 mailbox in several ways. However, you should find the best method based on your requirements. Whether you choose a cutover migration, a staged migration, or a hybrid migration when choosing your method, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • The number of files or data to migrate
  • The time is taken for the email/data migration process
  • How many files and how much data do you need to migrate


If you’re new to migration and thinking about migrating to Microsoft 365 then Apps4rent can simplify your job with their core expertise in providing different cloud migration and hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting etc. and many more.

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