Fall Staple

Henley shirts have a long history. Their name comes from the fact that they were worn as their traditional uniforms by the rowers of Henley-on-Thames in a history that stretches back to the royal regattas from 1839. Today Henley shirts are highly fashionable items for both men and women and can serve a range of different purposes for clothing. A Henley shirt is a polo shirt without a collar and is also called a grandad shirt. This article will explain why such garments have become a firm favorite for both men and women and have become an essential item of clothing, especially during fall.

For sleepwear

The versatility and comfort of the Henley shirt is such that they can be worn as an item of sleepwear along with pajama bottoms for both men and women. This makes it a perfect item of clothing for fall when the weather begins to get colder, and some people may find that going to sleep in pants alone is not enough. A popular material for Henleys is cotton, which is perfect for sleeping in. Today there is a range of Henley-style shirts designed specifically as sleepwear for the colder months in both men’s henleys and women’s styles.

For business wear

The Henley shirt is also fast becoming an essential piece of business wear in more casual settings. One key factor in this fashion development was the surge in employees working from home as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Whilst a Henley shirt would not be considered suitable for physical office meetings or formal business events, it can make the perfect work-from-home garment. In a home office environment, the comfort and relaxed style of such a shirt make it perfect for remote working. It is recognized that wearing comfortable clothing can help with focus during the working day, and as such many men and women have started wearing this shirt when they are away from the office. Its collar-free design also allows it to be worn under other garments as a base layer on colder days.

Range of materials

Whilst one of the most popular materials to make the Henley shirt out of is cotton, it is not limited to this material alone. In fact, it can be made from virtually any fabric and stay true to the design of the garment. Other popular materials for the shirt are thermal materials and cotton/polyester blends. The shirt is also available in long or short sleeve versions. In fall, especially if you live in a colder climate, a thermal long-sleeved Henley shirt can be the perfect base layer for mountain walks or trips out into the country.

To sum up

The Henley shirt is a timeless garment with a well-known history. Its versatility in both the design and range of materials that can be used in its construction has made it a firm favorite in the fashion industry as it can serve a range of purposes in clothing. Its popularity is perpetual, but it remains a smart choice for the Fall season due to its comfortable yet stylish design which works exceptionally well as the weather gets colder.