Kookaburra Australia - Cricket Spikes ShoesKookaburra Australia - Cricket Spikes Shoes

You know when you talk about the different sports, cricket is considered as a game of patience. In this spot, choosing the right type of gear is absolutely important. You cannot simply think of performing your best in case you are on the field with indecorous shoes, bats, or even pads. However, if you are using something like Kookaburra Australia – Cricket Spikes Shoes, you may find yourself in the best rhythm, spirit and effectivity!

Remember, your cricket shoes are absolutely important considering that, on average, a cricket player needs to run around 2-5 kilometres during a single cricket match. The conditions on the ground are somewhat different from a jogging track or even your local park.  Wearing your jogging shoes for cricket games is not really helpful.  Remember, once you wear the right shoes that are meant for your cricket tournaments, matches and sessions; you can reap the best performance out of them.

Comfort is crucial

When it comes to cricket gears, especially shoes, remember that comfort is going to mean everything. Running is an integral area of any cricket game. Imagine wearing too tight or absolutely loose shoes for your feet? It wouldn’t simply feel comfortable, right? Your shoe preference is as crucial as learning the proper cricket method.  There are numerous spike shoe choices in the market, but not all of such shoes are perfect for every cricketer out there.  The point is you need to look into different options in the spike shoes, try them out and then choose one that works for you.

Spikes and rubber

The prime shoe material choice is between rubber sole shoes or even shoes having spikes. You can simply rock a pair of rubber sole shoes in case you are going to play on turf. However, in professional sports, when you have to play on the grass, there is no perk of wearing rubber sole shoes. Here, spikes are ideal for increased grip and overall support for your legs.  Moreover, you know running with a pair of spike shoes is both comfortable as well as appropriate for a game. To pick the finest spike or rubber shoes, you must patiently try different options.

Shoes must not develop corns

You can experience corns and painful calluses on your feet with improper type of cricket shoes. The pressure points on your feet are quite sensitive and can become hurt during the game. Your preference of a perfect pair of shoes aids to prevent issues during and after a cricket game. The shoe demands are different for batsmen as well as bowlers during a sports match. Bowlers requires the shoes with spikes all over the shoe sole, but for batsmen, shoes having a rubber sole at the back as well as spikes at the front are the finest choice.


To sum up, since you know what you should consider and why; get yourself a perfect pair of spikes shoes. After all, it is all about what you wear and how confident it makes you feel during the match.

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