buy and rent a propertybuy and rent a property.

Real estate is quite competitive and requires innovative strategies to build a reputation, clientele base, and credibility. People rely on what they see rather than what they read nowadays. This makes it crucial for real estate companies and agents to venture into video marketing to reach the target audience, get leads, and ultimately convert them into sales. A well-planned and engaging real estate video brings out a lot of details and hence becomes an invaluable resource for generating successful sales. With the global pandemic, a transformation is observed in how people buy and rent a property.

With the increase in smartphones and higher demand for visual information, real estate video marketing is instrumental to selling properties.

Websites with embedded videos are more reliable.

Using videos for real estate embedded in the websites increases organic traffic and hence audience visibility. Homebuyers or prospective clients prefer websites with video listing for properties as one gets a virtual tour of the property. The search engine algorithm supports the website’s high ranking with video content and brings traffic from the target audience. The real estate websites and listings with videos blend with consumer psychology, and hence every lead has a higher chance of a conversion. Whether its blog posts or landing pages, a website with video embedded for real estate influences consumers’ minds and builds a positive brand reputation.

Reliable lead generation and sales funnel

What the consumer sees rather than read builds the brand credibility. It is easy to grasp the information from a video rather than static images. With the video marketing of the real estate, clients get an audio and video glimpse of the property and decide whether to visit the property physically to close the deal. Video marketing for real estate is a game-changer as it helps create a solid sales funnel.

  • Irrespective of where the real estate videos are posted, it helps generate higher views. The pages or websites with links to embedded videos get 157% higher organic search results
  • An attractive video or a virtual tour video of the property helps generate leads with high chances of conversion
  • As the videos give out a lot of information, it helps the clients to make the decision and hence increases the chances of sales
  • The videos are professionally made and give out the necessary information. It helps the sellers persuade the buyers to buy the property.

Real estate video marketing is a great way to create flexible content beneficial and informative to the buyers. Be it video listing or a virtual tour, the higher the lead generation, the more the chances of its transition into solid sales.

The dominance of online marketing

Digital marketing is one practical and most affordable way to market, brand, and promote a brand and its services. Out of all the tools, video marketing is most effective as it creates higher engagement. One of the reasons for using video marketing is that most real estate agents companies have started using it. It is not easy to stay relevant amidst the cutthroat competition without video marketing the property. With the heavy reliance on smartphones and the internet for search for information, video marketing helps bridge the gap and connects prospective clients to their preferred choice of property or house. It is necessary to stay ahead or at par with the competition and integrate an online presence.

Present information in different ways

The best part of creating a real estate video is the flexibility of creating different content and videos. Everyone is looking for information, but it does not always mean searching for a new house or property. Video marketing gives the flexibility to create various types of videos that help clients with an assortment of things related to real estate. Videos are valuable as they interestingly send across the right message. Here are some of the videos that help sell the properties better.

  • Virtual tour of the home with a voice over explaining things. This helps prospective clients make decisions while virtually checking the property
  • Video listing of the property help clients shortlist properties that fit their requirement and budget
  • The neighbourhood’s videos help the clients know the surroundings and everything located around the property
  • How-to guides, testimonials, videos, and educational videos help spread awareness.

The videos are interesting, creative, and quite flexible in their content; it helps people grasp the information they are looking for.

Give a pre-visual tour for an immersive experience

Time is precious for everyone and hence respecting the client’s time is essential. One of the best ways to help clients make a decision even without physically visiting the property is through an immersive VR experience. VR and AR have tons of advantages in real estate marketing as they give a virtual but accurate representation of the space. Not only AR/VR but aerial footage of the property also help provide a street view and neighbourhood information.

Higher number of social shares

Creating video for real estate marketing for social media is a great way to increase sales for the property. With billions of global social media users and short-form video content supported by the social media algorithm, real estate marketing videos get more views and shares. According to Business 2 Community, videos generate 1200% more social shares than text and static image posts. A large audience views the consistent posting of videos on social media, shares more, and hence is a great way to create leads and sales.

Videos are easy to make

Many companies or real estate agents are dreaded with the thought of creating videos. However, unlike editing software or video makers in the past, online video editing apps help edit and create videos within minutes. Many online video makers have templates for creating real estate advertising videos within minutes without technical expertise. Hence, video marketing should be considered one of the most effective instruments for increasing sales with so much flexibility. It does not require expensive equipment to create a video making it an affordable tool.


If you are planning to sell a property or have a real estate firm, it is time to scale up and use the power of video marketing. Videos are compelling as they give visuals and create a higher level of engagement with the audience. Video listings and marketing real estate through videos can influence the buying decision of prospective clients. However, it is necessary to create an assortment of videos for various platforms and be consistent with increasing visibility, creating higher leads and ultimately resulting in sales.



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