tabletop Christmas treestabletop Christmas trees

Darker and chillier nights signify the start of the holiday season and what better way to celebrate the change than by bringing out your best holiday decor and getting creative with your family or friends. For us, it means bringing out Christmas decor like our garlands, lights, and centerpieces, or our Christmas trees and filling them with Christmas lights, red bows, some pinecones, and your favorite ornaments. We also love a good Christmas wreath or floral wreath sitting front and center on the window or front door and bringing some Christmas cheer to neighbors who walk by.

Holiday Decor For Every Corner of Your Home

If you’re in the market for some beautifully-made Christmas decorations, look no further for your decorating ideas than our family-owned business, Lynch Creek Farm. We sell everything from tabletop Christmas trees, swags, and home decor pieces, to stunning centerpieces, garlands, and holiday wreaths for both Fall and Wintertime. With our handmade products in your home, everyone will be wanting a home tour when they stop by for dinner this season. We love to see what our customers are doing with their decorations every year and we love how it brings the community together. Our favorite is seeing our beautiful window wreaths sitting on the window perfectly perched to welcome guests inside your home.

Perfectly Securing Your Holiday Wreath In the Center of Your Window

Hanging wreaths either on your window frame or front porch is not as difficult as it looks. You can either place your wreath on the outside of the window either on the bottom window or top, or you can place them inside in your living room. Outdoor wreaths last a bit longer during the season and can be placed on front windows with command hooks, suction cups, some fishing line, or with some really strong hot glue from your hot glue gun. Tutorials are online and generally require you to measure the top of the window as well as the sides so you can evenly distribute the wreath along the window leaving enough room on the bottom of the wreath so it can hang high enough for people to see it. Our greenery wreaths already come decorated and bright but if you want to add your own DIY decorations like lights, burlap red bows, berries, a few picture printables, and maybe even some flowers and ornaments, you’re more than welcome to. You can shop for lights and wreath hangers on the website at checkout, as well as our other fun home decor that’ll brighten up your home.

Window decorations can be just as fun as putting your tree up for finding a place for the garlands, it takes just a few more minutes but it’s well worth it to enjoy for the holidays. All of our products, including our window wreaths are handmade with eco-friendly and organic materials from the trees that we work with daily. We strive to put the environment ahead of business and can guarantee that the holiday decorations you purchase from us will be of the highest quality and will last as long as the season does if proper care is taken. So whether it’s in time for this year or next year, skip big brand names like Amazon and let Lynch Creek Farm give you everything you need to give your home the classic holiday makeup look this year. Merry Christmas everyone and we hope you have a very happy holiday.


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