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When people go to the grocery store or shopping center, they tend to shop for what they know. Most grab the toothpaste brand they grew up with or the dish detergent they remember sitting under the kitchen sink. There is a comfort level in using familiar products and businesses. That said, if you are trying to introduce a new company or specific item, you need to be aware of your competition and develop a blueprint to get yourself noticed. Name-brand recognition is a crucial part of any successful strategy regardless of the size of the industry. Here are 5 approaches to consider to help put your name on the map. 


One of the most important aspects of building a strong, proficient presence is expanding the markets through which consumers can access your goods. The most obvious way to sell might seem to be setting up a brick-and-mortar store where anyone can walk in off the street, browse the shelves and make an immediate purchase. However, technology and partnership relationships are expanding options for moving your commodity. You can reach a much larger audience through channel sales and tap into resources that were previously unavailable. Internet affiliates, physical dealers, franchisees and agents all offer additional economic growth potential for you.

Logo Logo Logo

There are certain jingles and iconic images that appear to be universally recognizable because they are seen and heard everywhere. Developing a logo, tagline or musical campaign can make you unforgettable as well. Hire an artist or graphic designer who can capture the essence of what you sell. Once you have decided how to identify your merchandise or trade, make yourself noticeable. A few smart promotionals are hats, pens, water bottles and tote bags. These can be used as giveaways, employee bonus rewards or drop-offs at local events. The more the outside world sees your name, the longer your wares are likely to stick in their mind.


While putting a logo on a t-shirt or bottle is definitely advertising, once the articles leave your possession, you have little control over how and when they are viewed. A targeted ad campaign lets you have more input. Purchasing signage, creating fliers or building an online presence are three quick ways to have a more permanent public sight-line. Any way you decide to pitch yourself, it is good to know that you have created a tangible reminder for others. receipts and invoices.

Solicit Reviews  

There is nothing wrong with asking customers to write a positive review. Be sure you are delivering on your promises and establishing a professional reputation, and then reach out to the most successful accounts and request feedback. Several apps are free to users as a place to post comments and make recommendations. This approach will provide unlimited opportunities for strangers to learn more about what you do. Sending a thank-you email or adding a sentence at the bottom of a receipt or invoice to prompt the review might encourage responses.


The difference between advertising and promotion may not be immediately obvious. Both can be equally impactful to your bottom line. While a commercial or sign draws attention to your name, a promo shows possible vendees what you have already done. This can take the form of a yard sign, business card enclosure or discount coupon connected to a mailing you have delivered. Let people see evidence of your expertise.

It does not matter if your company has been around for decades or days. It is vital that you stay on top of the market and keep your contacts fresh. Product and name recognition go a long way. Branch out and work with others to make sales. Remind the general population of what you are able to do for them. Foster relationships with your patrons. Once you take the first steps to achieve each of these goals, they will continue to work for you even on your day off.

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