Your rights and obligations regarding reasonable accommodationsYour Rights and Obligations Regarding Reasonable Accommodations

Any modification to your workplace that would enable you to execute the key duties of your position qualifies as a reasonable accommodation. You can ask for reasonable accommodation without telling your employer about your handicap. However, your employer could request proof of your condition and the accommodation you require.


You are not compelled to receive the accommodation you request from your employer. To find out if there is an alternate accommodation that would satisfy your needs, they must engage in an interactive process with you.


Some or all of the expenses related to your reasonable accommodation may need to be covered by you. If providing the accommodation would place an undue burden on the business, your employer is not compelled to pay for it.


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What Are Some Common Reasonable Accommodations?


Changes or modifications to a job, workplace or standard operating procedures that permit a person with a disability to participate in the hiring process, carry out a job’s essential duties, or have equal access to perks and privileges of employment are known as reasonable accommodations. Common examples of reasonable accommodations are:


  • Improving the accessibility of current facilities for people with impairments
  • Restructuring of jobs
  • Modified or part-time employment schedules
  • Purchase or modification of tools or gadgets
  • Correct adjusting or modifying of tests, training materials, or regulations


A qualified employee or candidate with a disability is entitled to reasonable accommodations from an employer,

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When Are Reasonable Accommodations Required?


According to the needs of the individual, reasonable accommodations may include but are not limited to, making the workplace accessible, offering assistive technology, altering work schedules, or changing employment responsibilities. Only when it would not place an excessive hardship on the employer is an accommodation necessary.


Employers must contact employees during the process of determining if any reasonable accommodations are required. Throughout the duration of the working relationship, this practice should continue. If you think you need reasonable accommodation, you should ask your employer for one first.


How Can You Request A Reasonable Accommodation?


When asking your employer for reasonable accommodation, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should first put your request in writing and be as specific as you can about the accommodation you’re looking for. You must submit your request as soon as you become aware that you require reasonable accommodation. Be prepared to explain why the accommodation is required and how it will improve your ability to carry out your job responsibilities.


Following the submission of your request, your employer must participate in an interactive process to decide whether the accommodation is reasonable and whether it will cause the firm undue hardship.

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