Are you unsure of which oven for OTG to buy? Below we’ve laid out the fight to make it easier for you to narrow down the distinctive OTG features you need to be aware of when shopping for OTG ovens for yourself.

Capacity and Size

OTG ovens of various sizes smaller than 20 liters are classified as small size, those between 20-40 liters are medium-sized, and those in excess forty liters in size are colossal size.

Large-sized OTG ovens are ideal for smaller groups of less than six people. But, if you’re in a lot of six people in your household, you should opt to purchase a larger OTG oven. The capacity is essential when you are trying to buy OTG ovens. OTG oven to cook for the family.


The ideal power consumption in OTG ovens lies between 800W and 1200-W. It is always awe-inspiring to choose the best oven, and an OTG with mighty power is an excellent choice.

The Auto Cook Menu

You’re fortunate if you’re looking to find the auto cook features on the OTG oven. This Auto Cook menu will facilitate your cooking efforts as you can select the type of food you want to cook and leave the rest for the OTG oven to cook the food until it is cooked.

Sabbath Mode

Sabbath Mode feature is, in essence, a continuous warming feature that retains a particular temperature and keeps its brightness and freshness.

Delay Feature

The delay feature allows you to choose the time interval for the delay to cook at the same pace as usual. It is especially true if guests tend to be late for their arrival.

Door Handle

Cool-touch handles or door handles that are cool to touch and handles are essential since the warmed up concept of OTG ovens may sometimes cause harm, no matter at what moment you’re at a loss. The material is designed in a contrast that won’t get hot quickly.

Straightforward Door

This makes you attentive to your food and prevents the food from being consumed in a rush.

The front door of an otg oven improves the look from inside when you renovate your kitchen.

It is an essential appliance that helps you make professional quality food.


This is the most prominent feature that every OTG should be equipped with. Look for an auto-stoppable timer, which means that the OTG will automatically shut down with the brief or ringing sound when food is cooked to perfection.

Cord Length

Don’t ignore the size of your cord, as it is among the slightest thought of features that many people generally ignore. It is possible to have issues moving the OTG beginning with one location before moving onto the next in the event that the cord is not long enough. Consider buying the OTG with a wide cord length.


When you are spending this much, not receiving treats is harmful. Check out: baking containers, a removable non-stick wire rack, and lots of sticks. These must always be included in any OTG oven purchase.


This is an issue entirely dependent on your budget and your pocket. However, buying the top OTG oven with the most cutting-edge features is usually the most expensive, costing up to 10,000 rupees. It’s always beneficial to invest in a top-of-the-line OTG because you’ll make a smaller investment in replacements or repairs.

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Shop for an OTG that has a minimum 1-year-multi-year deposit. It will help if your OTG is broken or damaged and requires fixing. It is possible to see warranty improvements, for the most part, from well-known brands.

Final Words

OTG ovens are an essential part of any family unit in the present. The days are gone when ovens were merely used to heat the cooked food, and people are increasingly enthralling themselves by grilling and baking thoughts.

The OTG ovens listed above result from their characteristics and are truly impressive within their areas. They heat food and can grill and cook continuously.

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