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Business success is simply impossible without high-quality advertising. Only proper brand presentation attracts customers and induces them to buy products. People now appreciate aesthetics in everything. To increase sales and brand awareness, owners often have to consider a social media graphic. This article overviews the graphic design trends for 2022.

Color Trends

This year, the following unique solutions have stood out:

  1. A muted palette: Color trends actively promote calm and natural shades. This choice is quite justified – these colors possess natural energy and have a calming effect on the viewer.
  2. Gradients: Gradients, which disappeared from design trends for a long time, have also become attractive nowadays. Flat colors add brightness to a picture, while gradients add a specific depth and texture to the image.
  3. Black/white and monochrome: Just last year, such large companies as Volvo and Cadillac simplified their colorful logos to a monochrome format. This approach has two advantages: firstly, the eyes get less tired when viewing B/W or monochrome content; secondly, it takes less paint to produce the printing products, and recyclable materials can be used in its production.
  4. Candy colors: The opposite trend to monochrome, however, is gaining popularity as well. Bold and bright colors in graphic design allow companies to stand out from their competitors.

With this working palette, any project will become unusual, unique, and pique the interest of an audience.

Typographic Trends

A tasteless presentation can spoil any message, even the most brilliant one. The current approaches to text content design are exactly what gives people’s words the right character. 2022 has elevated the following fonts to the leading positions on the market:

  1. Thick but simple fonts: Bold has become frequently used by designers to create contrast and a hierarchy of text blocks. A heavy font is visually combined with a simple background and lighter fonts.
  2. Serif fonts: Authentic serif fonts feature special details on the edges of the letters. Such typography evokes a sense of nostalgia and exudes the elegance of antiquity;
  3. Expressive and twisted fonts: Intricate, elongated, and twisted shapes are a style that challenges the combination of abstract lettering and legibility. Each element renders the work more unique.

In general, 2022 has prepared an exhaustive number of trending fonts for designers, which will allow them to implement emotional, cheerful, and unorthodox ideas.

The Main Graphic Design Trends for 2022

The wave of digital design trends this year, in many ways, will give a second life to the styles of the past decades. Here are the primary experimental solutions.

90s Nostalgia

Memphis-style patterns; simple, bright emojis; and primitive frames play an important role in the design. Colorful blocks and drops will awaken cute childhood memories. The primary colors are pink, yellow, green, and blue.

Expressive Experimental Typography

Unusual and expressive forms of typography help to convey a message to people from different modern cultures. The essence of this trend is experimentation and self-expression. There will be poorly combined styles, stunning shapes, and amorphous contours in fashion.

Dreamy Doodles

This approach will bridge the digital world and reality gap and bring something human to the design. Such illustrations will definitely evoke an emotional response from people.


The pandemic has forced people to go headlong into their imaginary worlds. Since then, many of them have been plunging deeper into their fantasies. The results of such work represent the embodiment of escapism. The projects are filled with unexpected shades, tantalizing details, and bizarre characters.


The Y2K Era is the late 90s to early 2000s. This is the period when clumsy flashy interfaces, primitive graphics, pink and blue, and iridescent backgrounds resembling the back of a CD were in fashion.

Parametric Patterns

In 2022, spectacular parametric geometry is coming to the fore. Parametric patterns consist of complex geometric structures, each line of which is transforming depending on its position.


In the distant 90s, this style was popular among young people, namely Generation X. At that time, most of them had already moved to big cities and were earning enough money to join the high culture. The style is fully decorated in beige tones.

Complex Maximalist

This style can be described as shameless, as it frankly demonstrates all aspects of its creator’s artistic taste. From the outside, the composition looks like a chaotic smorgasbord.

Funny Bubbles

Bubbles are undoubtedly uplifting because rounded shapes, due to the lack of corners, are often associated with benevolence and comfort. But unlike typical “bubble” fonts and elements, this trend suggests an exaggerated use of the technique due to the excessive form elongation and psychedelic colors.

Grunge Revival

Grunge is the embodiment of anxiety and fear, and its return testifies that the world is out of control. The style is characterized by rough textures, gloomy images, and careless collages.


The year 2022 never ceases to amaze! It’s unbelievable that such dissimilar patterns, styles, fonts, and other elements of digital design trends can be combined and channeled to create original works of art! Nevertheless, the use of these unpredictable combinations is guaranteed to catch the human eye and definitely capture the interest of netizens!

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