If you’re planning a trip to Grand Cayman, several excursions should be on your list. Some of these are popular, while others are a little off the beaten path, but they’re all worth a visit.

Start with George Town, where you can explore the historic buildings of this coastal capital. The National Museum, on Harbour Drive, is also a must-see.

Camana Bay Observation Tower

The Camana Bay Observation Tower is one of the island’s newest attractions and a must-see on your Grand Cayman getaway. It boasts 360-degree panoramic views of the North Sound, George Town, and Seven Mile Beach from a height of 75 feet.

The Observation Tower features an underwater-themed mosaic that depicts the beauty of Grand Cayman’s reefs and marine life. As you climb the staircase, the colorful tiles change from dark to light to represent the ocean’s depths.

So, if you plan to take a vacation, consider Grand Cayman Georgetown excursions and bring your family to enjoy.

Bioluminescent Bay

A world-class natural wonder, Bioluminescent Bay is a dazzling display of glowing plankton glowlights best seen on a moonless night. You’ll glide across the water on a guided kayak tour, awe-struck by the ethereal blue-green glow of these tiny organisms that are agitated by waves caused by oar or hand-flap movements.

Several tours offer kayaking and snorkeling excursions to this magical lagoon, a protected Las Cabezas de Suan Juan Nature Reserve area located approximately 78 miles southwest of San Juan. Swimming is banned due to various toxins that can irritate these glowing organisms, but you’re not required to stay in the water; agitate the water with your hands or paddles and watch it light up!

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is a paradise of crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand on Grand Cayman’s northern tip. A renowned swim destination, it also hosts a wide range of watersports and aquatic activities, including Jet Skis, kayaks, and Banana Boats.

The stretch of sand is dotted with dreamy seaside accommodations and epic beach bars where the seafood is out of this world. But if you’re looking to explore beyond the shoreline, there are plenty of other Grand Cayman Georgetown attractions to enjoy on and off the water!

Rum Point

Rum Point is a quaint North Side beach on Grand Cayman that is far off the beaten path but worth a visit. It offers soft, white sand and crystalline waters that are perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

The beach is surrounded by a bar and restaurant, and water sports equipment is available for rent. It is also home to a small village where you can learn about the area’s history.

Camana Bay

Camana Bay is Grand Cayman’s newest hotspot, where you can shop, dine and enjoy activities for the whole family. From kid-centric stores to colorful “bubble” seats and playful fountains, it’s a fun destination for everyone.

Take a break in one of the courtyards with calming water features and shady trees. Frolic in the interactive fountains at Jasmine Court, The Crescent, and Gardenia, where dancing waters and colorful lights will delight kids of all ages.

Turtle Farm

A shore excursion to Turtle Farm is a must for visitors to Grand Cayman who want to see green sea turtles. This government-owned tourist attraction is one of the islands’ most popular attractions, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

The Turtle Farm was created in 1968 to replenish the local population of green sea turtles after poaching had reduced their numbers to critically low levels. It is now a significant conservation and research facility.

Camana Bay Art Gallery

The Cayman Islands are often overlooked when it comes to the arts – but the island boasts a vibrant artistic scene. You can discover this with a trip to Camana Bay, a hub of art galleries and restaurants near Seven Mile Beach.

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands offers a broader view of the local art community, showcasing works from established and emerging artists. It also hosts regular innovative, creative programs that attract locals and visitors alike.

Camana Bay Observation Tower

One of the newest additions to Camana Bay is Observation Tower, which provides stunning views of Seven Mile Beach, George Town, and the North Sound. This 75-foot tall tower is a must-do attraction for any visitor looking for a fun activity away from the sand.

Climb up the circular staircase and be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding island scenery. The tower is also home to a beautiful floor-to-ceiling mosaic depicting the gorgeous reefs and marine life of Grand Cayman.

Starfish Point

Located on the north side of Grand Cayman, Starfish Point is a popular secluded beach and a must-see when traveling to the island. Its shallow waters and pristine beaches make it the perfect place for sunbathing or swimming.

It is also a great place to see the colorful sea stars that live there. Although you can get a close look at them by snorkeling, it’s important not to lift them out of the water as this can harm the starfish.

Camana Bay

A vibrant destination, Camana Bay is the perfect place for a day of shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. It also boasts a weekly farmers market that will give you a real taste of the island.

From serene courtyards to lively parks with interactive fountains, Camana Bay’s outdoor spaces are reminiscent of the island’s distinct ecosystems. The jasmine, gardenia, canella, and cassia courtyards have their personalities. At the same time, the bubble benches at Jasmine Court glow at night in azure blue, bright orange, and deep sea green colors, evoking a sense of water ripples and air bubbles rising from the sea.