There’s an old adage saying that money can’t buy happiness, but what about owning a dog? Research has shown that not only do our furry friends bring immense joy and love into our lives, but they can also enhance our overall well-being and extend our lifespan. It’s time to rethink the notion that money can’t bring happiness, especially when it comes to investing in a loyal and loving companion like a dog. It’s high time to reciprocate the love to your furry companions, and if you’re seeking a training facility that incorporates affection, look no further than Burrnationk9s.

Alandise Harris: The Founder of Burrnationk9s

Alandise Harris is a skillful basketball player and the mastermind behind BurrnationK9s, a program dedicated to breeding and raising XL American Bully and XL American Pitbull Terriers of top-notch quality. Their specialty lies in producing studs that are unmatched in terms of size, structure, temperament, and overall excellence. He initiated this program in 2015 under the name of Burrnationhuskies. However, in 2016, the company made a significant shift in focus toward American Bullies and American Pitbull Terriers and subsequently came to be known as BurrnationK9s. As a successful athlete and entrepreneur, Alandise has worked closely with renowned rappers, NBA players, NFL competitors, and some of the fashion industry’s most sought-after models.


His passion for dog breeding was undeniable and admirable by all, which resulted in many superstars buying their favorite breed from burrnationk9s knowing their ethical practices, and trusting Alandise Harris.


From Two Studs to a Whole Kennel

The program began with two dogs that were offspring of xxldesignerpitbulls Azul ice and Darkdynastyk9s Magneto. BurrnationK9s has grown solely from the two dogs it started with, never having made any more dog purchases. Some of their successful breeding’s include 142-pound Champion Chics Dig It, Mr. Kickin Drip, who weighed 140 pounds and was 23 inches in height. In the weight category, Burrnationk9s’s most successful stud has to be Da Demon Recka, who weighs in at 219 pounds. Many of the kennel’s puppies have won titles in show rings around the world, such as Best XL American Bully in Show and Best of Breed.


Burrnationk9s Brings Its Best in All Aspects of Dog Training

At Burrnationk9s, you don’t just get the opportunity to own magnificent breeds of American Bullies and Pitbulls, but you also have access to their exceptional dog training services. Through positive reinforcement techniques, the kennel ensures that the dogs they breed meet your specific needs. The experienced team at Burrnationk9s specializes in preparing your dogs for obedience, competitions, and dog shows and conditioning them for personal defense and companionship.


Having worked with American XL Bullies and Pitbulls for over a decade, the Burrnationk9s team boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The puppies you purchase from Burrnationk9s are renowned nationally and globally for their superior breeding, perfect structure, muscular build, and striking colors. Choose Burrnationk9s and give your furry friend the training and care they deserve.