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Irrespective of the size and scale of your event, the planning and execution of it are likely to take a toll on you. There is often a long list of tasks associated with every event including decor, lighting, guest lists, table setting, and whatnot. The best thing you can do while planning an event is opt to get professional catering services rather than sweating out in the kitchen all by yourself. If you are indeed planning to hire a catering company for your next event, given below are four things you should be considering:

  1. Whether they are licensed and insured

While hiring a catering company, be sure to hire one that is licensed and insured. The company should have liability insurance, health permits, relevant certifications, and a facility that is approved for cooking and food servicing. Not only do such companies have trained employees, but they also have a higher incentive to maintain the top standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Additionally, if your catering company has insurance, you are likely to be free of any liabilities in case of a mishap.

  1. Whether they are experienced

You must hire a catering company that holds extensive experience in their field. Experienced caterers can handle mishaps that may occur mid-event, whereas inexperienced caterers may be running around like headless chickens during your event if something goes wrong on their end. Similar to how a handyman would know they have to use polyurethane spray foam in case of a roof leak, an experienced caterer would know what to do in case a dish has too much salt.

  1. Whether their food is presentable

In addition to the food being tasty, the food your caterer puts forward also needs to be presentable. The food served at your event needs to look appealing and Instagram-worthy to some extent. Before choosing a caterer, in addition to asking for a tasting, also ask for samples and pictures of their food presentation. Be sure that their style of presenting food is in line with the theme of your event. For instance, if you are planning something fun and casual, the caterer shouldn’t be bringing forward Tuscan-style finger food for appetizers, and rather needs to present a charcuterie board instead.

  1. Whether they are upfront about the costs

If your caterer beats about the bush when it comes you giving you an upfront estimate about how much it would cost to cater your event, be sure not to hire them at all. When choosing a caterer be sure to shortlist those that have a detailed cost breakdown readily available for all sorts of events. This would mean that the caterer knows about their business in-depth and isn’t looking to cheat anyone out of their hard-earned money.


A catering company is supposed to do more than just serve food. They are responsible for the presentation of cooked food, and management of the dining area, and should be swift enough to handle any last-minute delays and food troubles. By considering the above-mentioned factors while hiring, you will be able to choose the best possible catering company for your event. 

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