Merino wool base layerMerino wool base layer

Do you like spending time outside on frosty winter days? After all, winter is a time of chilly temperatures and beautiful snowfall. Whatever you plan to do this winter, ensure to take extra precautions to stay warm and safe.

Choosing the proper base layers for your winter outfits is crucial to warm yourself. A base layer is the first thin layer you can add while getting ready for school or work.


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When you engage in physical activities like walking or running, sweat sticks to your skin and causes you to lose body heat quickly. The base layer keeps your body at the normal temperature by removing the moisture from the skin to prevent cold. They are available in various fabrics and thicknesses, which can keep you comfortable while insulating your body.

On that note, this article will help you choose a suitable base layer for this winter.

  1. Merino wool

Merino wool base layer is one of the popular materials as it is warm, light, and breathable. The material has almost replaced conventional wool because of its soft fibers. This high-quality fabric can withstand temperatures from -20 to +35 degrees Celsius. Some characteristics of merino wool include the following:

  • Keeping you warm

The fiber of merino wool has a built-in crimp, which keeps you warmer for longer duration by trapping body heat in air pockets all around your body. One can boost the body heat trapped by wearing a merino shirt on top of a merino base layer.

  • Regulating body temperature

These fabrics release heat when the temperature rises. One can wear fewer clothes and still be warm in any weather due to its ability to regulate body temperature.

  • Keeping you dry

Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while maintaining its insulating properties.


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  1. Synthetic base layer

The term “synthetic” actually refers to man-made artificial materials. Synthetic base layers are highly wicking, fast-drying, and durable. In addition, they are less expensive than wool or silk base layers. As a result, they are the preferred base layer for the majority of individuals. Below are some advantages of using a synthetics base layer.

  • Durability

Layers of synthetic materials are less prone to tearing, pilling, and general wear. Your base layers will look brand new even after washing them a couple of times.

  • Moisture-wicking

Moisture-wicking property helps your sweat moves through the fabric’s fibers, allowing the garment to retain moisture. Synthetic base layers are designed to wick sweat effectively and dry more quickly.

  • Less expensive

Synthetic base layers are typically less expensive than wool or wool blend layers of equivalent quality.

  1. Silk base layer

It may surprise you that silk makes a great base layer for winter. The advantage of silk is that it is incredibly light and thin and functions as a wicking insulator. A set of silk base layers can last for years with proper care; however, maintenance costs are a drawback.

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Silk is a robust and long-lasting natural material that maintains its form and doesn’t pill. Moreover, it naturally wicks away moisture and is hypoallergenic, guaranteeing long-lasting dryness and freshness.

Silk clothing has a built-in resistance to microorganisms and doesn’t retain smells.  This property makes it smooth and itchy-free. You won’t want to take it off because of how exquisite it feels and looks. Some women prefer the wonderful feeling that silk undergarments provide.

  1. Bamboo base layer

Bamboo is often praised for its versatility, breathability, and strength in design. The bamboo garments feel soft on the skin and do not itch like other materials. They were designed to be worn where people sweat a lot. Wearing a bamboo base has several advantages. A few of them are listed below:

  • Warmer

They have a strong textile insulator that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The heat energy produced by the body is retained by the air confined inside the bamboo fiber.


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  • Cleaner

They reduce odor and ensure the highest level of hygiene by controlling the microorganisms. Superior wicking abilities and antibacterial ingredients keep the base layers odorless, fresh, and hygienic.

  • Eco-friendly

Since bamboo is regarded as a green fabric, many people believe the material will satisfy the demands for eco-friendly gym attire. The good part is that they are entirely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

  • Softer

Bamboo fiber is very soft, making it comparable to silk and cashmere. As a result, the goods become hypoallergenic. The fabric is suitable for people with sensitive skin.


If you’re thinking about going outside this winter, research the best material for you. The suitable material depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Moreover, you also have to determine your activity levels during the winters and the comfort provided by the materials. The above-mentioned materials are ideal for your base layer in cold winters.

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