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Logo maker is a quick and easy method to create an attractive logo for your company. It’s also the most affordable! However, before deciding on price and speed only, let’s look at the options you have for quality designs.

Design agencies should be partnered with

You can work with a designer freelancer one-to-one

Launch a logo design contest

Utilize an online tool to create logos

Design agencies are generally out of the budget for new businesses. We could be slightly biased but, we believe that organizing an annual logo contest can be the most effective option for entrepreneurs looking to acquire an original, high-quality design at an affordable price. A freelancer is also a great option if you’ve got an idea of the style that you are searching for, and have greater familiarity within working alongside and screening designers.

What is a logo maker?

logo makers tools are easy-to-use web-based apps that allow you to design your logo in a matter of moments. For some, you input the initials of the business name. the company chooses an icon or font from a pre-defined library and then chooses customized colors that are compatible with your branding. Others are more loose offering you the blank canvas, an array of tools, and icons to create your custom logo.

The advantages and disadvantages of the use of an online logo maker tool


These logo makers offer the cheapest choice available to create an image. The majority of them are available for free, however, they do require you to pay for the download of the file when you want to utilize them. The typical cost is $5-60.

Logo makers are on hand 24 hours a day which means you can order an exact logo at the time you require it.

Logo makers are quick! You can create a logo within a couple of hours (or less, based on the degree of a perfectionist you are).

Logo makers are becoming more sophisticated and simpler to use every day.


Logos made by the logo maker are usually general-looking.

The creators of logos expect the user to have sense of design; logos are typically clean, simple images. It can require a skilled eye to discern exactly what’s “off” about something seemingly straightforward.

There are many other businesses using the same logo maker and fonts, including your competition. This means that there could be hundreds of businesses using the same logo or font, as well as color combination that represents their brand.

Certain logo makers will provide a logo but they do not provide those Vector files that you require to create a functional logo design. These logos are temporary at the best.

In the final analysis, these logo makers can be inexpensive and efficient methods to create a basic quick logo. The final product won’t be of the same standard as the logo created by an experienced designer however, sometimes the cost or time to turn around is what matters most!

Here are the 5 top logo maker tool online of  2022.

1. Designhill

How does it work

Start by selecting five logos you like, then selecting the colours and selecting your field of business. Then, you can choose five icons to go with the logo. Before you are able to view the results, you’ll be required to create an account. After that, select the logo you like best and then make a purchase.


The initial sampling of images available on the platform worried me because they were merely icons. However, Designhill does an excellent job of combining them with imaginative designs and appealing typography. In the final analysis, I was pleasantly surprised by how many logos made the basic icons work even though they were the identical icons that other logo designers use.

2. TailorBrands

How does it work

Enter the name of your company and select the industry you are in and describe your company in an open-ended text field, and choose whether you’d like an image-based or text-based or an initials-based logo. The app will then assess your preference for fonts by letting you select your favourite fonts from a selection of fonts. Ta-dah! The logos of a variety will be generated automatically for you. Once you have selected one, you are able to edit the colour and font, alter the icon, or buy the logo right away.


While it isn’t easy to find it is possible to find some great icons within the simple selections. The carefully selected fonts and colours go perfectly with the icons. The best part of using this application is that, when you change the font or colour of your logo, every choice is accompanied by a useful explanation. e.g. “Your logo strikes a perfect blend of class and sophistication. We’ve added the perfect orange hues that bring excitement and energy to this brand.”

3. Logo Makr

How does it work

Logo Makr opens with an optional video that explains its user interface. Then, you’re immediately dropped onto an empty design canvas to begin working.

Logo Makr is set up to be primarily DIY. You can pick from a vast library of pre-designed icons, or make your own logo by using the font, shape, and colour tools as you would with any other editor for graphics. While this could be intimidating for those who are new to designing the tools are simple sufficient that with just a bit of perseverance the learning curves not too difficult. Even if you skim the tutorial video There are tips for the tool to help you navigate the interface.


Since Logo Mark’s primary focus is customization The high-quality of your logo depends on the user. If you have trouble making something, this logo maker may not be the one for you. The potential for quality is great particularly for the cost. In comparison to the other logo makers, I’ve tested this one was the largest which is why I invested the greatest amount of time with the logo simply because I had numerous options of high-quality to test.

4. Looka

How does it work

Looka utilizes AI to understand your company before creating designs for you. From the over 20 logos that are displayed, you’ll be asked to choose the 5 you prefer the most. You can then select the colour scheme, and then include any specific symbols (like the triangle) And that’s it! The program will perform to its full potential and present some logo concepts and then modify further using different designs, fonts, and colors.


The results I received from Looka were modern and professional-looking. When you consider the fact that AI is the main driver, I was hoping for results that were better, and a bit more customized to me, despite being a logo maker. The concept of Looka’s is interesting and its quality was superior to other logo makers I’ve tested.

5. Brandmark

How does it work

Input some keywords you are able to associate with your company Select from four different colors and then look through the auto-generated logos.


Despite being a simple process, the result was more impressive than I had hoped for. The program generates logos dependent on the keywords you’ve chosen and it made it seem less like I made the choices for design and the machine was randomly selecting the results (see Free Logo Design).

vThere were a few odd icons and fonts however for the most part, it was hard to discern that the designs were made using an algorithm. The only drawback is that you are unable to alter the logo without buying the design, and the image you see is what you receive.

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