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It is indeed the golden age of technology. Just a couple of decades ago, all we had in the name of technology were bulky computers, CRT televisions, and corded telephones. They would barely be able to do their jobs.

Now, we have paper-thin televisions, sleek computers, and smartphones that can outperform computers. If we look at the future, technology is going to become further advanced. It will become a more integrated part of our lives.

One such technology-driven direction that we are heading towards slowly but surely is smart home tech solutions. Smart home technology refers to devices, appliances, and systems that can connect to the internet and provide homeowners with better control through automation. This increases the comfort, security, and luxury of homeowners.

A large number of homeowners are looking to remodel their current homes and transform them into smart homes. As per statistics, there are more than two hundred and fifty million smart homes worldwide. The number of smart homes are expected to increase rapidly in the upcoming years.

If you are curious about the hype regarding smart homes or are looking to renovate your home to incorporate smart home technology, we have got you covered.

Below, we have outlined seven smart home tech solutions and described why they would prove to be a game-changer for the connected homes of the future.

1. Smart Lighting

The traditional lighting systems in our homes will be replaced by smart lighting. The smart lights or bulbs come with Wi-Fi support and advanced software. This enables homeowners to switch them on or off through a smartphone app.

Homeowners will also be able to change the intensity, color, and brightness of the lights. This can be done with a smartphone or other smart devices.

They will completely end our dependence on manual switches while enhancing the home aesthetics and improving the user experience. Moreover, they are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting systems. They will help reduce our electricity consumption and monthly electricity bills.

Smart lighting is already a common feature in many homes. Its penetration into our homes is only going to get deeper in the future.

2. Smart Bathroom Solutions

Our bathrooms are an important aspect of our homes, yet they are often ignored. They end up looking bland, boring, and ordinary. Even if the home looks refreshingly new after a remodel.

But, smart bathroom solutions are set to completely transform the way we look at our bathrooms. Firstly, we have smart showers that will replace our ordinary showerheads. Smart showers enable users to set the water temperature, flow rate, duration, and much more only through a smartphone app or voice command.

Next, you can add smart lighting to your bathroom to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of the room. You can set the color and intensity of the lights according to your mood to give you a more relaxing experience.

You can complete your smart bathing experience by accentuating it with freestanding tubs with freestanding faucets –– replacing your ordinary tub to get a better bathing experience. Freestanding or standalone tubs are much wider and deeper than the ordinary ones. Thus, you can soak your body completely and enjoy a more enhanced bathing experience. And not just that, freestanding tub accessories also help add to the aesthetics of the room, giving it a classy, timeless look.

3. Smart Assistants


One of the best things about smart tech solutions is smart virtual assistants. You can ask the smart assistants to carry out almost every task imaginable. That, too, with simple voice commands. This helps reduce the manual work involved significantly.

For example, you can ask the virtual assistant to turn on the lights, change songs on the home’s music system, search the web for products, and control other smart home devices.

There are various virtual assistants provided by major tech companies that can get the job done for you. For example, Apple has Siri, Google has developed Google Assistant, and Amazon offers Alexa as a personal assistant.

4. Smart Energy Devices

Smart home technology solutions make it possible to transform your home into an energy-efficient and sustainable space. This can help reduce your energy consumption bills while also reducing your impact on the environment.

For example, smart thermostats provide you with greater and more precise control over the heating and cooling of your home. The smart thermostat learns your preferences over time. It can, then, automatically adjust the room temperature for the best energy-efficient settings.

Smart windows and smart windows can automatically adjust to provide you with maximum light throughout the day. This reduces the dependency on artificial light.

You can also install an electric car charging station in your garage to embark on a sustainable lifestyle path.

Thus, if you are planning on home renovation, don’t forget to include devices that can help with energy efficiency and sustainability.

5. Smart Security and Monitoring Systems


Smart security and monitoring systems can maximize your home security. There are tons of options when it comes to smart home security systems.

For example, you can replace your ordinary door lock with a smart lock. A smart lock enables you to lock and unlock the door remotely. You can also get notifications if the door remains unlocked after you leave, enhancing home security. Furthermore, smart locks keep a record of who has come or gone, giving you enhanced monitoring options.

Moreover, you can have smart cameras installed at your home’s entrance that notify you if someone is at the door. You can also have smart cameras installed at various points throughout the house. This helps enhance visibility and control and improves home security.

You can also install other smart security devices, such as motion sensors and smart alarms to further enhance the home’s security.

Parting Thoughts

Smart tech solutions can help you transform your ordinary home into a more comfortable, efficient, and secure home. The possibilities offered by smart tech solutions are endless. With the advancement in smart home technology, the features and the capabilities of smart devices will also become more advanced and enhanced.

Thus, if you are renovating your home, you should definitely consider incorporating smart tech devices. They will definitely prove to be a game-changer in your renovation plan.

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