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The majority of customers conduct product research and purchases using their mobile devices. For businesses of all sizes, creating an app is a top priority, but making a name for yourself in the app store is difficult. If you want to ensure that your product is well-liked by its intended audience and start the development process moving more quickly, what do you need?

Why do you need an Android Mobile App?

Despite the popularity of Apple products, Android continues to outpace iOS in terms of market share. Over two-thirds of all mobile users in June 2021 will be running this operating system. Since high-quality Android app development services are highly sought after all over the world, it is impossible for any company to ignore its potential.

It’s just as crucial to have a mobile app as a website. You empower your clients by digitising your android app development services. Your products and services are always at their fingertips, no matter where they are. It is the goal of every mobile app development company to have the finest app in the shortest time possible. Check out our guide for our five best tips.

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  • Embrace MVPs

The “bare necessities” version of your software is called a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), and it allows you to test it and gather feedback from your target audience. There is a difference between “minimal” and “half-baked.” Basically, it’s just a list of what’s included.

This is a critical step before investing in a full-featured software solution. The development of an MVP is reasonably fast because it focuses on the needs of the target audience. You can be confident in the final product if the response has been positive. After receiving unfavourable feedback, you have the opportunity to make improvements before releasing the final product.

  • Use Wireframes as a foundation for your visual designs.

In the eyes of app developers, a wireframe is an outline, a crude depiction of the concept they must bring to life. Information architecture can be better developed with the use of wireframes. These principles serve as a framework for the creative process, which is why design is always the first step.

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Your app’s design is more than just a matter of aesthetics. The liquidity factor is determined by this. Your app may end up looking like a messy cake if you begin development from the back end. The team estimates the visual design based on the wireframes, and these estimates guide the rest of the project.

  • Try to use native designs whenever possible.

In general, native designs offer a better user experience than cross-platform ones. For starters, they have complete access to the device’s features. In addition, if they are created properly, these apps are less likely to have problems or bugs.

A native app, on the other hand, restricts your audience to users of a single platform. Your programme must be rewritten from the ground up if it was initially built for Android and now you want to port it to iOS. There is no way to reuse this code. In comparison to a hybrid approach, it is more costly and time-consuming to create two native apps.

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Any software can succeed or fail based on the operating system. Choose the native model for a faultless user experience and stunning animations. In order to reach the widest possible audience with a viable MVP, consider a hybrid approach. Simple menus, tab bars, and other navigational aids are a requirement for any website. It’s important to focus on fast interaction, user friendliness, and consistency with your brand.

  • Rely on iterative, two-week sprint processes.

Waterfall is generally inferior to Agile, especially when it comes to large projects. You can use Agile for two-week sprints if you need to deploy updates every six weeks. It gives you the ability to make regular updates while keeping an eye on user expectations and feedback.

In Agile development, user stories serve as the foundation for the development process. From the customer’s point of view, they explain how the app is used. Stories usually concentrate on a single action, such as making a purchase or transferring money. When it comes to software development, every tale is translated into the effort required to deploy or perfect a particular feature.

Everything will be covered in two to four weeks. Faster feedback and a greater number of opportunities for improvement can be found within a shorter period. A potentially shippable increment can be more easily delivered with longer sprints, on the other hand. Make a decision based on what’s best for your group.

Prioritise the members’ needs for each sprint and focus on the areas where they can improve. Don’t smother them with too much input from your customers. Consider the speed and capacity of the system while making your decision on which improvements to make..

  • Plan design reviews prior to planning for each sprint.

Each sprint should begin with a walkthrough of the design. Describe your goals and then perform a demonstration and go over the results. Sprint planning should always be predicated on completing your customers’ user stories as quickly as possible.

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You should be able to ship a product at the end of each iteration, even if it isn’t finished. To put it another way, this means that all of the work required for currently implemented features has been accomplished, and customers will be happy with the end result.

All team members must be on the same page and the product owner must answer any questions prior to the next sprint’s launch. The backlog should be refined during the middle of the sprint. At the very least, make sure there is enough backlog for the next sprint.

Finally, keep in mind that evaluations are not retrospectives and do not need to be formal. They’re a great way to show off all of your team’s hard work. Informally demonstrate and describe the job done by members by gathering them around a desk. A chance to ask questions, experiment with new features, and give feedback is here.


Businesses in need of a mobile app should begin their design process with wireframes and adhere to the MVP idea. Although more expensive, native designs are preferable for projects that prioritise usability and user interface excellence. With Mobcoder a Mobile app development company your app development can be accelerated by using the Agile process and doing regular design reviews.


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