A Sneak Peek Into Wide-brim Hat Styles for Fashionable MenA Sneak Peek Into Wide-brim Hat Styles for Fashionable Men

Whether you want to go out on an adventure trip in the summer or create your best holiday look with an apt fashion accessory, you can rely on your hat choice to do the trick. For an outdoorsy guy, nothing but wide brim hats can be the perfect match. After all, these represent the genuine need of a well-traveled guy who cares for style and knowledge. They need these to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays when exploring their favorite destination or spot. If you identify with this set of a tribe, you must also set your gaze on wide brims with smooth construction and shapes standing for function and aesthetics. You will not regret your investment also when these meet your expectations beyond your imagination.

Talking about a mens brim hat, you cannot ignore three main styles: fedora, cowboy, and outback.

Fedora Hats

Most people consider this choice as a dress hat. But it has changed a lot. You can match your fedora with any casual, funky, stylish, or elegant outfit to accomplish your fashion goal. From the 1920s to the 1950s, these hats enjoyed special attention, and even today, they continue to attract all types of men. They stand out for their pinched crowns, a crease in the center, medium width, and handsome brim. Earlier, some designs included flexible bills to make them suitable for different weather conditions and events. If you want a hat with a decent brim and flashy look, you cannot ignore these. From felt to leather and straw, fedoras can treat you the way you want.

Cowboy Hats

Another excellent choice in brim hats can be cowboy type. These durable hats can retain their shape well. You can wear them in any weather. However, make sure to get the right fit and form. Also, there are some hat etiquettes that you need to follow. For instance, you have to remove it when you go inside a building. During formal functions, you cannot keep it on your head. But you don’t have to worry about this during informal events.

Traditionally, straw cowboy hats come in handy in the summer months, and felt material makes the perfect choice during Memorial Day and Labor Day. More precisely, straw hats with brims 3 1/2″ or more can work from Easter through August. If you find this in some other material, you can put it on throughout the year. Still, it will be your decision in the end. When you choose it, look for neutral or bright shades for maximum impact.

Outback Hats

American outback designs get their inspiration from Australian counterparts. These hats boast a wide brim that tilts a bit in the front and saves you from sun and rain at the back. Whether you are on a ranch or adventure trip, you can depend on this piece of accessory to support your needs. From heavy downpours to intolerable heat, these versatile wide-brimmed hats can stay strong before any challenge. Go for waterproof and sunproof material in this. Something made of all leather or a breathable mesh crown can make a classic choice. You must browse through such an option once, especially if you want to protect yourself from the sun while keeping your fashion cool.

Why Choose Wide Brim Hats?

Hats can be an integral part of fashion, but certain features make them essential for practical use. The wide brim is that trait. Since broader bills keep you away from the sun while providing a bit of shade, you can trust them to be functional and fashionable. If you want to spend your long weekends in style, you don’t have to go beyond the option of wide-brimmed hats. These can be snappy, flashy, and everything you desire. Going out wearing a fedora or cowboy can be the reflection of your bold personality too. Some people rely on wide brims to help them create a celeb-like appearance. After all, these brims have an inherent edgy feel to them.

When you go out of your house with any wide brim hat for men, you exude confidence in simple terms. And the best thing is you don’t need any inspiration to carve a style for yourself with it. You can choose a wide brim headwear, such as fedora, sun hats, or something else to make a difference. Some wonder if they can wear their wide brim hats all around the year. Well, no matter it is windy, sunny, rainy, or something else, you can always keep it handy.

The purpose behind choosing a specific hat style or type has to be precise. It is necessary not just for knowledge but to feel confident about wearing anything anywhere. After all, fashion is less about what you wear and more about believing in your sense of choices. In this matter, wide-brimmed hats can be an effortless addition.


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