Best Technical Analysis ToolsBest Technical Analysis Tools

The way of handling trends in trading data is critical to a merchant’s victory, particularly for those who trade commonly. Chart analysis methods can help traders remove feelings from their trading decisions. A technical analysis system can produce buy and sell markers and assist in the identification of new market opportunities.

Most of the best websites that provide technical analysis tools also help new traders gain a foundational understanding of the essential concepts. Most of these assets are independent or included as part of a broker’s system, while others require a fee. We’ll take a glance at technical analysis tools created into brokers’ platforms as well as some stand-alone resources.

Charles Schwab:

Charles Schwab is one of the many trader platforms. It offers Screener plus, Street smart edge which is used for real time streaming data. It allows the clients to sort out stocks and ETFs based on variety of structural and technical criteria. Traders are also permitted to set their parameters that are essential to them.


The Live Action scanner on Power E*TRADE’s active trader platform has over 100 pre-specified screens that is used for scanning the market based on technical, fundamental, profits, sentiment, and news eventsin real time on live prices and live analytical metrics.

You can also scan stocks based on technical events or patterns with the Recognia scanner and set the alerts when new criteria are met. Additionally, to that, you can use Power E*TRADE’s paper trading facilities to assess your technical trading system.


Lightspeed trader is a downloadable platform which is aimed for very frequent traders. It is a live market scanner which is greatly customizable that can assist you in sifting through existing trade opportunities.

Interactive Brokers:

On all Interactive Brokers platforms, charting is highly customizable and contains more than 100 indicators and real-time streaming data. Trader Workstation (TWS), IB’s flagship online marketplace, includes innovative technical analysis tools with over 120 indicators.

It also provides the opportunity to learn with a demo lesson of TWS which allows you to test, understand and experience how the platform works.

Fidelity Investment:

Fidelity is a downloadable trading software, Active Trader Pro, provides a more comprehensive set of features than the website.It starts with personalized charting features and trade tools. It notifies you about the available positions as well as technical signals that are in stocks.

Trading Central’s technical patterns and events have been incorporated into Fidelity’s web-based charting. Web-based highly developed charting allows users to view 30 days of trading hours statistics, extended hours data, as well as more than 60 fully customizable technical indicators.

The fidelity center provides the content made up of videos, blogs, articles, webinars, and graphics which includes technical indicators.

Trade Station:

The TradeStation platform is a key strength of technical analysis and statistical modelling of stock trading. It specializes in technical analysis. It offers the incredible charting package. The charting package includes automated technical analysis, which exhibits technical structures on the charts as they form. Web charting abilities are nearly identical to those of TradeStation 10, which included a unique toolbar with access to modify timelines, drawing tools, sessions, and designs.


These technical analysis indicators and tools are useful for many traders to make successful trades. If you are looking to trade, then Rob forex is best for you. RoboForex minimum deposit is 10$ to start and enjoy all the perks.

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