Differentiating Between Electronic Mobile And Remote Online NotariesDifferentiating Between Electronic Mobile And Remote Online Notaries

Regardless of the struggles and the constant ups and downs, the world is relentlessly becoming digital. The traditional notarial ceremony is also not left behind in this race to digitization. Irrespective of notarization, busy clients now have reliable options for getting their real estate closing packages and field trip slips stamped by a notary in no time.  

Before contacting a notary officer, you must learn about the notarization options, including mobile, electronic and remote notary. The end goal of these notaries is to authenticate your documents, but each has a different procedure. Comprehending the pros and cons of these options enables you to pick the best choice for crucial documents.

A notary public refers to an individual with the power to oversee the official signing of documents. Notaries often carry a unique stamp containing the sign and date as proof that they witnessed the signing. These professionals have regular working hours, and if you need their services outside their schedule, you may need to find other means to get in touch with them. There may be a bit of confusion between the mobile notary, remote online notarization, and e-notary, but we are here to break down the meaning of each one of them.

What is Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary moves from one place to another to offer notary services in the client’s location. Mobile notaries are preferred for loan signings; however, you can use their services for general notary work. This technology does not involve complex technology, and it is convenient because the notary public comes to you instead of you going to them.

Since electronic and mobile notaries are relatively new in most countries, most clients choose mobile notaries as the first option. In a case scenario where a mobile notary is the best choice: a seller or buyer cannot make it to the company’s offices for the signing, a mobile notary signing agent may come in handy at this time. The process can occur in a coffee shop, at the client’s office, or at home. For general notary work, you need to pay a certain fee per stamp and their travel and convenience fee.

Facts about electronic notary

Electronic notaries enable you to prove the integrity of your documents electronically. The client and the notary use electronic signatures to prove they were present during the process. Instead of carrying a rubber stamp and a paper document, the notary seals the information in a computer-readable form. Electronic notarization requires you and the notary at the exact location, just like traditional notarization.

Additionally, an electronic seal is more secure than paper documents. As the world embraces technology, more clients tend to request electronic access, making electronic notary demand skyrocket in the market. It is essential to comprehend that not or notaries are authorized to conduct electronic notarization. The notary may need to register with the Commonwealth Secretary and display the required tech skills necessary for the electronic seals and signatures.

What you should know about remote online notary

The online notary is a modern practice that allows you to prove the authenticity of your documents in the comfort of your office or home. This idea is enticing to most clients as it saves them the hassle of traveling to a specified location to meet with the notary. Most tech experts recommend this notarization form as it is highly secure and reliable. The notarization process usually takes place via an audio-visual feed on a computer or a mobile device, which is relatively easy.

Whether it’s flexibility, accessibility, or compatibility, an online notary has all the factors that make the notarization process more efficient and secure. You only need to upload your documents online and conduct identity authentication. Afterward, you can connect with the participants and download and print the verified copy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people embraced online notary because it minimizes the virus’s spread. Since then, most people have adopted this technique up to date.

Considering the increased number of notaries, narrowing down the most reliable options is difficult. Notarization is essential when completing jurats, preparing a will, or performing real estate transactions. Online notarizations are bound to become more popular over time.

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