great cover letter examplegreat cover letter example

Most jobs typically require a cover letter during the application process. Along with your resume and sometimes a portfolio, you have to create and submit a cover letter. It is a document containing an applicant’s introduction, elaboration on why they’re qualified for the job, and their interest in it. You can use this document to show why you’re the right candidate for a position and why you should be hired.

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There are many elements that employers look for in reading cover letters. If you want to know what those elements are, you will be able to know some of them in this article, so keep reading!

  • Proper format

Having a properly structured cover letter will make you appear more professional. This will allow your employers to see that you take the job seriously. It can also show that you’re knowledgeable and thoughtful enough to make sure that you’re using the right format for your cover letter. Professionalism and dedication are the qualities that employers will notice when they see that you went the extra mile and used a good cover letter format. To know the right format to use, you can search for samples online, and take inspiration from a great cover letter example that you find.

  • Relevant achievements

Employers want to see the skills and the proof of those skills in a cover letter. You can show that to them by highlighting your achievements, professionally or educationally. Instead of just listing capabilities, it will be more impressive to show that you’ve received recognition from them through your accomplishments. If you list your awards, this can show that you have the experience needed for the occupation. Make sure to only include relevant achievements that are useful in your job. Write down the job-related things you’ve reached humbly.

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  • What you can offer

When employers read cover letters, they want to see how you can positively contribute to the company. Employers want to know what makes you better than other applicants and why you’re worthy to be hired. To show that, you can write down the things that you can offer that will help the company be more successful. Make sure to write in detail how you’ll be a great addition to the crew. The main focus of your cover letter should be what makes you suitable for the job and why the company should hire you. 

  • The clarity in your paper

Factors like grammar, organization, fonts, and design largely contribute to how your employer perceives you. Recruiters want to see a document that can easily be read and understood. Avoid using confusing words to appear smarter. Just be formal and respectful to seem professional. With the design, don’t go overboard with colors or elements that can be distracting. You should also use a readable font, so don’t use cursive fonts, a small font size, and a text color that looks too similar to the background. Writing a clear and comprehensible cover letter that every reader can understand is a must.

  • Conciseness

Most cover letters should be short, typically only consisting of one page. For many, one page is not enough to show why they’re qualified for the role, which is exactly why employers look for a short, but complete cover letter. To be concise, you have to be straightforward and only use a few words that will still effectively express your message. Despite only using minimal words, you should be able to make a cover letter that is easily understood, in-depth and clear. To do this, avoid using unnecessary or redundant words and phrases. Submitting a brief yet detailed cover letter will be appreciated by your employer.

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Those are only a few of the many more elements that are looked for by employers in your cover letter. Knowing these elements and including them in your cover letter will help you impress your employer. We hope that you’ve learned a lot from this article and that this was useful to you. 


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