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5G is the latest generation of mobile technology that has surpassed the previous generations of mobile technology in all its functions, and this article will show you how. 

How 5G Technology Started 

Before the 5G, the previous generation of mobile phone technology was each famed for their own different functions, each generation better at functions and capabilities than the one preceding it. The 1G mobile technology, which was the first one, introduced analog voice, and the digital voice was catered to by 2G. Then the internet was made accessible through the use of mobile data when 3G came in, but doing a better job, 4G allowed for widespread internet usage on mobile phones. Now 5G is the latest mobile technology to grace the technological world, and performs a better function, and offers advanced capabilities than its previous counterparts. 

5G Availability 

Although 5G is the newest technology and is not widespread yet, it is still offered by many of the major mobile phone carriers in the US. Xfinity offers 5G technology for its mobile users. You can get the fastest mobile data, and have the clearest digital communication. Learn more about 5G mobile phone capabilities through the Xfinity customer service and you will come to know how to make the best use of its user experiences.

5G Mobile Phone

It is important to keep in mind that 5G doesn’t support all phones, rather it is only compatible with a few mobile phones at the moment. Since 5G is new and all, it will not be able to work with all the old phones. But the newest mobile phones being made are certainly designed to be compatible enough with 5G technology.

How does 5G Work?

The 5G technology works just like other wireless communications; by sending and receiving data in the radio spectrum. Unlike its previous counterparts, this new network uses higher frequencies to achieve ultrafast speeds. However, there is also a downside to this; this technology experiences more interference from trees or buildings, or any other obstacles.

Moreover, 5G technology supports speeds of transmitting data at the rate of 20 Gbps for downloading and 10 Gbps for uploading with a latency rate as low as 4 ms. This means that in an ideal situation, you could download a 5-10 GB size movie in a matter of just a few minutes.

Take another example; you mainly need 5 Mbps for HD movie streaming and 25 Mbps for streaming on 4K devices, but you will still experience lagging. With 5G technology, there will certainly be no problems in streaming videos but it will consume a lot of mobile data since most streaming services automatically adjust the quality of the video to the kind of internet connection received. It still doesn’t negate the fact that 5G offers exceptional transmission speeds.

However, these fastest speeds might vary depending on the circumstances.

What to Use 5G For?

5G is definitely a major player in mobile telecommunication but that is not the only area where 5G technology has proven to be beneficial. The key components of 5G technology are ultrafast connection and minimal delays, which can be useful in many scenarios. There are augmented reality devices or virtual reality headsets, which need a tremendous amount of bandwidth and faster communication over the internet and 5G is their possible solution. Autonomous cars need 5G technology to avoid sudden collisions, operate hardware remotely, etc. which if lags could end drastically. 

Hence, 5G technology is not just for mobile phones, rather it has the potential and capabilities to work for so many other devices as well.

5G Range

For every square kilometer (which is around 0.3 square miles), 5G is capable of supporting 1 million devices. So within that amount of space, the 5G technology can connect 1 million or more devices to the internet. This means that it can connect cities with the highest population density, with around 70,000 to 110,000 people in every square mile.

Moreover, 5G technology doesn’t just support a few mobile devices, but also smartwatches, vehicles in the area, smart locks in houses, wearables, and other devices that need to be connected to the network.

Final Thoughts

Once 5G is available everywhere, it is a probability that it will be the last major advancement in mobile networking technology. It doesn’t matter if we get 6G or 7G technology in the future, 5G is able to fulfill all the functional requirements of a mobile phone. 

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