Radio Control Cars

Radio control car wheels are a very essential part of the vehicle. If you have a remote control car or if you are interested in RC vehicles, you should buy a remote control car. 

To have a better understanding of remote control cars, you need to learn about the parts of the cars. One of the main parts of an RC car is its wheels. 

Here is everything you need to know about radio control car wheels.  

Wheels and tires are important parts, to select the right wheels for your radio control car you need to research. You can drive your Radio Control Cars on any surface, but your vehicle will not run perfectly on just any surface. 

Certain terrains need different types of wheels. For that, you need to learn what kinds of wheels are there and how to utilize them to protect your RC from damage. 

Types of Remote Control Car Wheels

Good wheels are crucial to providing promising performance. When you use the right tires, your car operates well. 

Radio control car wheels are typically made of rubber or foam. Foam tires provide you with a better grip, making it difficult to tip over. 

There are many varieties of wheels and tires, and there are specific requirements that you need to consider when choosing your tires. The tires should be the right size and check their tread and hardness.  

The tires must be chosen according to the surface on which you use your car. If you use your car on stony terrain, consider getting knobby rubber tires. Buy a remote control car with good compound wheels.


A softer compound allows a better grip and gives you better speed. A harder compound generally provides less grip, but it is durable. It all depends on the terrain you use. The compound should be in between. The wrong compound can affect the performance of your car. 


The mounting of the wheel is extremely important. Mounting wheels can be done in many ways, so before buying the rims for your car, you need to practice how to mount them. 

The hex mount is the most common. Pin mounting and bearing mounting are not that common but can come into use. Consider the method you can use to buy the perfect rims that fit your car. 


Different types of cars require different types of wheels and tires. When you buy a remote control car, it comes with a manual. Get the tires according to the measurements given in the manual. When you buy a Remote Control Car, check the tire details. 

Slick tires generally work best on a flat and smooth surface like pavements, full spiked tires are better for muddy surfaces as they tend to be greasy, and full spiked tires provide a good grip. Miniature spiked tires allow a good grip on every surface and give you a good speed. 

The type of wheels and tires you use will only work well if you use them on the right surface. No matter how good the wheels and tires are, if you run the car on the wrong surface, it is not going to perform well.