When it comes to making a personalized and thoughtful gift, an explosion box is a perfect choice. Not only can it contain cash surprises, but it can be customized to fit any occasion. Learn how to customize each layer in this article. Create an explosion box for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or holiday! There are literally endless ways to customize an explosion box! Just follow these easy steps! Enjoy! Here are some ideas:

Customize each layer

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a child or a special occasion, you can customize each layer of an explosion box to fit your theme. A printable template is easy to find and comes in three different styles. Customize each layer to fit your event and the colors of your photos or papers. If you want a more elaborate gift, you can even use a die cut picture of a flower or a snowflake.

Next, you can add a photo door, envelope, or other personalization accessories. Creating a photo door is simple. It’ll be approximately four inches tall if you fold it three times. If you add more layers, it will be about four inches high and three inches wide. After you’ve completed all of the layers, you can fold the top flap back, so it can function as an extra tab when the time comes to remove a photo.

When you’re ready to start making your explosion box, you’ll need a cardboard box. Then fold the heart template inside the box and cut along the lines. Set aside the first heart template for a future project. It will come in handy if you want to make more than one of these boxes, as you’ll need many more!

You can use scrapbooking accessories to customize each layer of an explosion box. Using old gift wrappings and birthday cards is a great way to reuse them. Lastly, you can include mementos from the recipient’s past. The possibilities are endless!

Create a holiday explosion box

If you’re looking for a gift for a special person this holiday season, why not create a special explosion box for them? The gift can be anything from a gift card to candy, but a holiday explosion box is the perfect way to show your creativity and surprise them! These boxes can be personalized with a special message or picture, and there are even ways to include mementos and keepsakes in the box!

To create an explosion box, start by printing a template. There are several different templates available, so you can find one that matches your theme. You can customize it further, as needed, to match your holiday theme. After choosing a template, print it out and cut out the pieces. The template will contain four layers, the lid, and other design elements. Use thicker cardstock to make the box sturdy.

Make the explosion box unique by placing personal items inside. Adding photos to the box will make the gift even more memorable. Make sure to use photos of the recipient. The pictures should be approximately two inches square. When opened, the lid should explode! If it doesn’t, it will be an incomplete gift. You may also want to include a personal message, such as a note to the recipient.

To create a hexagon-shaped explosion box, you can use a PDF template to cut out the shapes. If you’re not familiar with this format, you can print the files on patterned paper or card stock. The bottom and lid layers should be made from heavy card stock. After you’ve cut out the pieces, you need to attach the score lines to the shapes. Make sure to select the Basic Cut layers to start the project.

To close the box, you will need to add a lid. Fold the lid along the lines of the box, separating each fold with a different color or pattern. After that, glue down the top layer to the bottom. Once the lid is secure, you can finish the project by adding the final pieces.

Personalize a birthday explosion box

For a unique gift for your loved one, personalize a birthday explosion box. This gift comes with a surprise gift in the center, a ribbon and bow, and the perfect birthday memento. You can even personalize it by including photos, pictures, and mementos. After all, the recipient will be thrilled to open it and find a gift inside! And what better way to celebrate the birthday of a friend than to give them a customized explosion box?

An explosion box is a unique gift that can be personalized with cherished pictures, sweet messages, or even candy. They are sure to be a hit at any party! To make this unique gift extra special, consider using a printable template. It is available in different themes and can even be customized with printable additions. These boxes are a unique gift for any occasion.


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