The news regarding HTML tags should already be familiar to Amazon sellers. For those of you who have not heard this: The platform will no longer allow HTML tags to be included in product detail pages beginning July 17, 2021.

According to Amazon, the decision was taken to make the platform more easily navigable on devices that do not support HTML. Why is this important? In truth, this seemingly small change may profoundly affect the conversion rates for sellers. It’s no secret that the product’s description is one of the most important decision factors when a user decides to purchase a product online.

Our goal in this article is to give you some tips and recommendations that will help you how you write your descriptions. After the ban of HTML tags, many sellers are looking for new ways to rank their products. If you still need more help on how to make an Amazon product description useful and impactful, check our Amazon listing optimization services at Urtasker.

What is Amazon Product Description HTML?

HyperText Markup Language is what HTML stands for. There are several guidelines that determine how the document or data to be displayed should be structured using Amazon HTML. HTML tags are used for highlighting text, dividing paragraphs, and so forth. Amazon sellers used these in their product descriptions to distinguish their product descriptions from the competition. Most of the Amazon marketing service includes the HTML product description in their listings.

The importance of HTML tags for your sales

Amazon has stopped showing HTML formatting since it banned using HTML for product descriptions. It is recommended that sellers remove the tags from their listings and update their listings. You may think it is very simple and easy to do, and it is, but you will end up with a block of text as your product description.

For a moment, let us think about product descriptions. The product page is an opportunity to mention the most important details about your product. This will engage buyers and close sales. Likely, the buyer will not get your message through an unappealing description, and you might lose the sale.

Amazon’s new rules for product descriptions

Amazon announced that Amazon description HTML would be modified or removed in July 2021. As a result, no HTML tags will appear in any Amazon product descriptions. According to the new Amazon product listings guidelines, all products listed on Amazon must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Please refrain from using JavaScript, HTML, or any other code form in the product listings. It is, however, acceptable to use line breaks in the description (*/br>);
  • There should not be more than 200 characters in a product title;
  • To help customers understand the product, you should write titles, descriptions, and bullet points well;
  • Amazon Product Image Guidelines should be followed for the images;
  • New products can’t be listed in an existing listing;
  • It’s important to categorize all products correctly.

What are the options for changing the HTML descriptions on product listings?

There is nothing you can do about the new rules concerning HTML tags that affect the optimization of your Amazon listing in any way except to adopt these rules and regulations and to remove HTML tags.

Here’s how you should proceed.

  • Step 1. Log in for your account on Seller Central. Select the Inventory tab on the pinnacle of the dashboard and click on on “Manage Inventory.”
  • Step 2. Click at the edit button subsequent to the list you need to modify. Once you’re there, you may be capable of edit the list.
  • Step 3. You will ought to pick the outline tab and start modifying the HTML tags. After modifying the HTML tags, you may keep the modifications with the Save and Finish button.

If you’re continuously updating product listings, you may use the Amazon HTML editor device or the Amazon description HTML generator device to replace them fast. It generally entails copying and pasting content material from one web page to another, that’s then transformed to the brand new format.

Without HTML, What Makes a Product Description Interesting?

Product descriptions can be made interesting by more than just formatting. The more creative you are, the easier it will be for your prospects to purchase your product. In view of the fact that HTML tags are now no longer allowed in product descriptions on Amazon, here’s a list of recommendations.

  1. Consider Your Audience

Do you already know who buys your product? Do you already know why they purchase it? And what are their motives for getting it? If you would love to make your description as precise as possible, you ought to consider the solutions to those questions. If you aren’t positive wherein to start, right here are a few recommendations that is probably beneficial for you.

  • Researching your target market will assist you get a higher knowledge of who they are.
  • See what your target target market cares approximately via way of means of taking a examine your modern-day product reviews.
  • If possible, appearance up blogs, videos, and social media posts which have been written approximately your product to apply them as examples.

Your product description ought to be written especially on your target market after you’ve got got carried out your research. When writing your product description, keep in mind the language and data you operate in addition to the tone.

  1. Keep Amazon’s rules in mind.

Your product description cannot contain the following information, for example:

  • The product’s condition
  • Availability
  • Review of any kind
  • Material for promotional purposes
  • Tags in HTML
  1. Maintain a simple approach

Quality is greater crucial than quantity. It is crucial for a purchaser to discover complete and distinct records to useful resource them in creating a buying decision.

A user-pleasant presentation of primary records is crucial. In particular, bullet factors are an powerful technique of supplying records due to the fact they may be clean to scan. It is crucial to don’t forget that consumers do now no longer spend numerous time reviewing listings. An evaluation of the essential capabilities and benefits of the product have to be effectively to be had to the purchaser at a glance. There is a opportunity that a purchaser can also additionally choose to move again to the hunt consequences if you have all of the proper records, however it isn’t readable through the purchaser.

  1. Overselling have to be avoided.

That’s now no longer numerous words. You have to permit your merchandise communicate for themselves.

A supplier who abuses adjectives while describing their merchandise normally is going overboard with their descriptions. By the usage of short, clear, and correct sentences, you may carry your message greater effectively. Make positive you dispose of adjectives which might be redundant or do not upload any perception into the cause or capabilities of your product.

Please hold in thoughts the product you’re promoting as well. If the object is a technological device, the outline have to be greater distinct than if it have been a kitchen tool. You have to try to strike a stability among presenting enough records and going overboard.

  1. Sign up for A+ Content

When it comes to telling a story, you may need to be more flexible depending on the product or brand you have. 300 words are not always enough. Amazon allows you to utilize the A+ content option. As a result of A+, sellers can create a listing that includes images and text, and it allows sellers to upload photos and other material. By using this method, sellers are able to make their listings more engaging, which is certain to increase their conversion rates.

  1. Make use of keywords.

Your product should rank well in search engine results in addition to the perfect product description. In other words, make sure you scatter your keywords naturally throughout your product description.


There may seem to be little impact to sellers in terms of how listings will be posted, but these small alterations may impact conversion rates. Amazon product descriptions need more than just HTML tags removed. Your post won’t be removed as a whole, but other sellers may decide to improve their listings above yours.

It might be worth looking into A+ Content for sellers with Brand Registry. Sellers can use this feature to show an image as well as detailed content, brand stories, and other formatting benefits.

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