As a parent starts to age and enters their senior years it is quite common to develop various medical issues, or even slow down physically, thereby affecting their routine and their lifestyle. Perhaps you have a parent that is starting to have minor or moderate issues and you’re concerned about their health and well-being. Whether they live independently or in your home, depending on their issues they may need more help than you’re able to provide them with. This is when the discussion of an assisted living facility may be wise.

Here’s a look at some of the ways an assisted living facility can boost the quality of life for your senior parent.

Relieve Some of Their Responsibility

One of the first things your parent will notice after moving into an assisted living facility is the amount of responsibility they have is lifted. They don’t have an entire residence to maintain – indoors and outdoors – which allows them more time to relax. Things such as laundry services, housekeeping and even help with personal appearance may all be offered at the facility.

Mealtime Is a Breeze

If mealtime was a cause of stress for your parent, that problem will also disappear. All meals are cooked, prepared and served to seniors, which takes a huge load off their shoulders.

You can look into what the various facilities offer in terms of dining, but some offer what’s called all-day dining. This means that residents can eat whenever they like so they aren’t following a fixed schedule. Typically, they can choose to dine on their own or they can share a meal with their friends in the residence. You can look into assisted living near me to find out how the dining plans work in the various facilities.

Never Worry About Their Medication Management

Taking daily medication is often important for seniors, but the key is to remember to take it. If you worry about medication management then assisted living can be a huge relief. The facility will take over medication management so that you know your parent is getting their medication on time, and daily. There will be no forgotten doses, or even worse, a mistaken double dose.

They Still Get Their Independence

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding about what assisted living is. This isn’t about taking away a senior’s freedom, it is about assisting them when needed so that they can live a more carefree and enjoyable lifestyle in their retirement years. Assisted living still gives them independence, as they will have their room or unit that is their private space. They can enjoy alone time or socialize whenever they like. The big benefit is that the help is there for them.

A Built-In Social Circle

Speaking of socializing, that is perhaps the biggest boost to the quality of life. Assisted living facilities give seniors a way to connect, form new friendships and create a social circle right where they live.

It can be difficult to have a conversation with an elderly parent about a potential move to assisted living. Being aware of all the benefits it can offer is a great way to broach the conversation, making sure you focus on the positives.

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