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The lure of the sea is calling you and now that you have your diving certification, you see no reason not to give into temptation. Or maybe you have gone on 50 dives and are just looking for new ways to make your next dive different from the last. Here are some ideas on how to make sure this dive is amazing.

Research and Review

One way to make this dive special is to pick a place you have always wanted to hit but haven’t been able to. Research what is available and look at photos online of what people have posted from other dives in that area. Make sure you meet the requirements set forth by reputable companies partnered with Dive360 and have a long history of service where you want to go. If this is your first dive, make sure your insurance covers scuba diving, and if you need travel insurance, then sign up before your trip begins. Talking to others who have done the dive you are looking at is critical for building expectations, so don’t be afraid to reach out and to read all the reviews you can find. 

Check and Double-Check

You will have an amazing dive if your equipment works well and your buddy understands the dive plan, so checking with your buddy and double-checking your gear is key to a flawless dive. You should each make sure all of your equipment looks good and touch base about what you have done before or what you hope to do today. Making a good connection with your buddy, if you haven’t met before, is important before getting in the water. If your buddy is someone you know well, make sure you are not assuming anything critical and that your plan is clear. Make sure you are physically well enough for the dive and that there are no signs of sickness in your system. Check with the guide for all instructions and leave your medical papers with someone on board or on land in case of emergency.

Enjoy and Explore

With all the preparations complete, there is nothing left to do but dive. This is what you came for and with all the boxes checked, there is no reason not to take your time and enjoy your adventure as a visitor in this incredible environment. Take photographs and help your buddy complete all the things you two agreed to experience on the dive. Remember to breathe normally, keep an eye on your gauges and your buddy, avoid going below 130ft and don’t overextend your capabilities. Especially if this is your first dive, stick with the techniques you learned during certification. The best way to make this an amazing dive is to safely see as much as you can in the time allotted. If you cannot take pictures underwater, there may be an opportunity to purchase some from another diver or a company diver.  

Respect and Renew

While you are diving, you are in another world that belongs to the creatures dependent on a healthy ecosystem. As tempting as it might seem, do not touch anything outside of the plan. Respecting life underwater is an essential part of making this an amazing dive. If you cross the line, the consequences could be severe. After your dive, take care of the equipment in the best manner possible to show respect for the gear to the rental company, or if it is your own, to keep it in top condition. Give yourself some time to restore your energy after your dive. Relaxing the next day will help renew you physically and give you time to reflect on your experience. Also, it is a good idea not to fly for at least 24 hours after a dive to get the nitrogen out of your system. 

Scuba Diving is a wonderful experience that can turn into a lifelong passion one amazing dive after another. 

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