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If using ‘Drip-feed’ when dealing with social media marketing panels sounds strange, it is because it is used in the business world. You will come across this term when placing an order for SMM panel. There may be questions regarding the drip-feed feature from those new to the field of SMM panel reselling.

A drip feed is a way to place the same order multiple times at the same time. You don’t need to renew your order over and over again with the drip-feed option. For instance, if your Instagram post needs 5000 likes, you don’t have to reorder over and over. The likes do not appear all at once, but instead appear in slow increments of 50-100 every 5 minutes, etc. As a result, the Drip-feed feature splits the large order into several small ones which are then processed automatically without any manual involvement. ThAs a result, it is equivalent to placing one order for 100 likes, which will be a regular order rather than0 orders for 100 likes. Drip-feed allows you to separate likes, followers, and views for the same account or video into smaller, regular chunks.

Would the drip-feed feature be useful to you?

It is a very useful feature indeed. It is particularly helpful in terms of increasing engagement on social networks. Using drip-feeds allows for faster growth and creates the appearance of organic growth in social media accounts. In essence, it gives the customer what they want. The reputations of social media accounts are not damaged by the growth that occurs regularly and at the preferred rate. There are strict rules regarding engagement on social media platforms nowadays. Drip-feed features ensure that these rules are followed.

Furthermore, the gradual growth of the Drip-feed is presented as credible science, making it appear as though the social media account is thriving. This will alleviate suspicion and doubt on the part of the observers. You can use the drip-feed feature when you have to distribute a more comprehensive package over a longer period of time. You can control the engagement on social media with Drip-feed by setting the speed at which it goes.


It is very important to consult industry experts before choosing the drip-feed feature. Experts can provide guidance so that expectations don’t end in disappointment by giving the right advice. “Mass Order Future” does not support the drip-feed feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to split orders or drip-feed them for multiple days?

Yes, you can split, drip-feed, or schedule the orders according to your requirements over a long period of time.

 Do you know how the drip-feed script operates?

The drip-feed script is built to meet the individual needs of each customer. You can easily switch the service into a drip-feed service with a single click. The process could not be easier.

 What information is needed for a drip-feed order?

Whenever you are ordering drip-feed, you need to inform the company about the details, such as what will be delivered, how many times the order will be sent, the interval, the pause interval between runs, etc. Make sure you understand the order before you place the order.


The benefits of using the Drip-feed feature, listed above, are just some of the benefits of conducting business through our cheapest SMM panel. Many customers appreciate the Drip-feed feature because of these and other related advantages, which is why it has been so successful.

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