If the January blues really has you in its grips, and the weather is continuously making you cold, damp, and disappointed, then that could be just one of the reasons why you have made your way to this piece.

A holiday sounds like a fantastic idea, right? However, with the cost-of-living crisis and needing to count pennies to make sure the bills are paid, a getaway trip could sound like a pipedream.

However, there are some tricks and tips you can use to find a holiday on a budget, which could be the difference between keeping your sanity and not.

This piece is going to take a look at how to book a holiday on a budget this year, so you can take the break you desperately need. 

Let’s get into it.

Focus On Off Season

A well-proven trick for travel is to plan your holiday when everyone else is least interested in going away. This usually means February – April instead of June – September, for example. Off-season might sounds like you are settling for less inviting weather or events, but realistically, it is more likely that the temperatures will be much more bearable at off-season points, along with the benefit of having significantly fewer crowds to battle your way through and compete with. 

If you do not have children and prefer more of a quiet getaway, off-season also guarantees that the kids will be in school, giving you a higher chance of some peace and quiet. 

Check Out the Coupons 

There are so many coupons, discounts, and deals out there just waiting to save you money on a trip. If you are not fussed about your destination or are open-minded about what kind of holiday you could enjoy, then searching through coupons to see what is available could be a fun (and cheaper) way to pick your getaway. 

If you do have a dream destination, then coupons can still help – they just might be a little trickier to find, so stick with it!

You could find that you get some excellent deals on some of the most expensive parts of going on holiday, such as flights! Be sure to check out a FlightHub promo code to see if there is one that can work for you.

Embrace the Layover 

If you are opting for cheaper travel options when getting to your destination, the chances are that you will be sacrificing peak times to arrive at your dream location, along with having to endure long and sometimes difficult layovers. However, if you plan these in advance, you could make it work in your favor. Layovers that are long enough can give you the option to explore a different place on the way or way back from your destination. If there are other means of transport you can take, such as trains, you can plan around your stops to make the most of your time on the journey. 

Book soon and have a great trip in 2023.