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For many years, it was unclear whether to disinfect mobile phones or not. Infact, Apple was against the disinfection and sanitizing of mobile phones until Covid-19 came. After Covid-19, Apple and other major companies changed their stance on sanitizing and disinfecting mobile phones. Mobile Repair shops offered a few tips on how to disinfect your mobile phones. 

Before Covid-19 came, research was conducted to examine the condition of the mobile phones of 27 teens, and the results were frightening. Researchers found that their mobile phones were host to numerous dangerous bacteria (Siiri Kõljalg and Rando Mändar #). Smartphones are now home to lots of bacteria. Even if people wash their hands, the bacteria will remain on their mobile phones, and they will pick up their phones again. People check their phones every 10-15 minutes on average, so there are major chances of bacteria migrating from the smartphones to the user’s hands. 

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Keeping all that in mind, sanitising and disinfecting your phone daily is vital, especially during this pandemic. Electronic Repair in Fresno offers simple steps for disinfecting your mobile phones.  

Tips for keeping your mobile phone sanitized and clean

According to Centres for disease prevention, mobile phones are the most used and highly touched electronic devices. Therefore it has become really important to disinfect them not only for your safety but also for the safety of your mobile phone and their long life span. Though, you might be worried about damaging your phone while disinfecting it. Cell phone Repair shop in Fresno offered a few tips and tricks to ensure you disinfect and clean your device safely without damaging it. 

  • Switch off while disinfecting

When you decide to disinfect your mobile phone, it’s best to switch it off. Especially when you use a wipe on it or any other solvent, it will also prevent shock. Though the chances of shock are small, not taking any chance is better. Switching off your device will help you not cause any damage to your mobile phone. 

  • Remove dust with a lint-free cloth 

Using a microfibre or lint-free cloth is important while dusting and brushing off the dust from your phone. Using these clothes will prevent any kind of scratches on your mobile phone’s screen while disinfecting. 

  • Take out your phone from its case

Cell phone repair stores suggest it’s best to take your phone out of its protective case while cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting it so you can clean it thoroughly from above and below to brush off any dust particles. However, when you do that, you must be extremely careful about not dropping your phone and damaging it. 


  • Gently clean the screen with Disinfecting wipes

Disinfecting wipes like Lysol solvent wipes are great things to disinfect and clean your device. But you have to be very gentle while using these wipes. Ensure you are avoiding the mobile speakers, headphone jacks and charging ports; otherwise, it can cause serious damage to your phone. 

  • AirDry Your Device

Mobile phone repair shops suggest that these disinfectants do most of their work while drying on any device’s surface. So when you clean your device with disinfectant wipes, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to dry. 

  • Make sure no moisture is left

Smartphone and Tablet repair shops like Cell Pro Fresno recommend that after you are done cleaning and wiping your device, use a dry lint cloth or a paper towel to ensure no moisture is left or otherwise it can penetrate into your device through the screen, ports, jacks and speakers. 

  • Cleaning of your Mobile Phone Case

You wouldn’t want to put your mobile phone back in a dirty case after doing all the hard work of cleaning and disinfecting your phone. Repeat the same process with your case as well, and if the material of your phone case is hard or made of plastic, you can use a strong cleaner such as alcohol wipes. Let it dry and leave it for 10 minutes, then put your mobile phone back in the casing. 

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Keep your mobile phone in excellent condition with the help of a Mobile Repair shop

Many of us try to keep our mobile phones safe and in good condition but unfortunately, sometimes, mishaps happen that we cannot solve on our own. That is why these repair shops are to solve all the issues that we are facing with our devices. Mobile Repair shop Fresno helps people keep their devices safe so they can use them regularly without any danger or damage. If your mobile phone is facing some issues after disinfecting or if you see any glitch in your phone, go to the repair shop immediately without any delay to get the issue fixed by professional technicians and experts. They will diagnose, asses and give the remedy for all your problems.