Installing lighting on outdoor fixtures and structures including patios, garages, and other home areas and structures can improve the value and aesthetics of your home. Stones can be highly decorative and durable as well. While stones can be quite pleasing aesthetically, they may require some knowledge to install lighting fixtures on them.

Tools Needed for Installing Lighting Fixtures on the Stones

You can install the lighting fixtures on the outdoor stone structure and walls easily when you have the right set of tools for it. Below is a list of tools that you should have before you begin installing beautiful lighting on your stone structures and walls.

  • Screws and screw cutter.
  • Silicon.
  • LED light.
  • Gloves.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Sensor.
  • Electrical tape.
  • Wingnuts.
  • Wires.
  • Safety glasses.

Important Steps for Installing the Light Fixture on Stone Structure

It is important to install the lighting on the stone step by step way. Following the procedure will ensure that the lighting is installed on the stone without any errors or wastage.

Choose a Reliable Light of Ample Wattage

When it comes to the installation of flights outdoors, you need lighting that can last for years. Outdoor lighting may be exposed to many more adverse circumstances. Therefore, you need excellent quality outdoor light that does not get damaged or broken easily. The outdoor light should also be of higher wattage. Lights with higher wattage will last longer when compared to lights with low voltage. Such lamps with high voltage capacity are available in online shops and e-commerce stores as well. If you have checked the light and it is working fine, you can proceed with the installation. You cannot secure the other parts (including the caps) as well and tighten them well enough.

Install the Bracket

Before installing the outdoor lighting, you need to install the brackets. If you already have the brackets existing of the same light configuration, you need to remove the lights from it and simply replace them with your new light. However, any of these steps should be carried out after unplugging the electricity plug. You need to touch and use the brackets only after switching off the power. It is important for your safety and the prevention of accidents.

The older carriages and brackets may be secured by two screws that you can easily remove to remove the entire bracket as well. Brackets can be secured with the new screws as well. Sometimes when you are using the existing holes, you may find that the screws are longer than the holes. In such a scenario, you need to cut the screws shorter by using a screw cutter. After placing the screws inside the holes, you can tighten them by using a plier.

Connecting the Wires for Power Supply

The wire string may include three types of wires including the ground wire, and the black and white wires. The wires can be put in place by using wire nuts. The nuts should also be secured by applying insulation and electrical tape. Application of electrical tapes to the wingnuts will ensure that moisture does not affect the installation even later. The outdoor lights and their installation should be well protected from elements including moisture, dampness, and water as they are more susceptible to it.

Applying the Fillers of the Sealants

Now you must apply a small amount of filler or sealant to the top and side of the bracket cap. Do not apply it at the bottom. Only apply a small amount of the sealant as large silicon beads may look bad.

Install the Application Sensor

The sensor of your outdoor stone light must be applied and installed at the last. It is usually located at the topmost section of your stone light setup. Here the sensor can detect the darkness easily. Therefore, the sensor will detect the evening and nighttime and the light will be switched on automatically when there is darkness. If you install the light sensor, you do not require a plug.


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