How Your Fence Can Reduce BurglariesBlack iron fence and sunlight

When you think of ways you can help keep your home safe from would-be burglars, perhaps your fencing will come to mind. If it doesn’t, it should – after all, a good, strong fence is an excellent deterrent to thieves and ensures your home is kept safe.

However, if you want to use your fence to make your home even safer, you can do some additional things to make that happen. A fence by itself is a good start, but a fence with extra security measures is ideal. Read on to find out what some of these security measures might be.

Make It Taller

The fact is that the taller your fence is, the harder – and less tempting – it will be to any potential burglar. They’re not going to choose your fence to climb over when there are other, smaller ones they could use instead or even homes without any fencing at all. Therefore, the taller you can make your fence, the better.

Installing a tall fence to begin with is one option, but if you prefer something that might fit in with your yard a little better, why not look at the range of fencing and trellises specialist companies like eComposite Products has to offer? If you choose a high-quality, strong fence and then add an attractive trellis to the top, not only are you preventing burglaries, but you’re also making your yard look great at the same time. Even better, cultivate some vines to grow through and around the trellis to give your garden a gorgeous look and even more security.

Check For Gaps

Maybe you already have a fence around your yard, and you’re happy with the height. That’s great, but have you checked it lately? Have you checked it thoroughly? Over time, fences can become worn and broken. Gaps can appear, and depending on where those gaps are, you might not notice them when you’re in your yard.

This is why it’s worthwhile going around the fence and checking it thoroughly. You might spot a gap you hadn’t realized was there, which could be an entry point for a thief. If the fence is repairable, make those repairs as soon as possible. If it’s an old fence and the wood is rotting, however, the best option is to install a new fence instead. This will keep you a lot safer.

Think About What’s Near The Fence

The fence in your yard and around your home should be a deterrent to thieves, and it should make it as hard as possible (even impossible) for them to gain access to your property. The measures mentioned above are crucial, but you also need to consider what is near the fence.

If you have sheds, log stores, furniture, or anything else that someone can stand on close to your fence, you are possibly making things more accessible than they should be for someone to enter without your permission. Although it might not always be possible because of the layout or size of your garden, moving things away from the fence will give you an added layer of security that might make all the difference.