Smart home appliances make our lives much easier. Modern lamps know how to turn on on command, robot vacuum cleaners clean dirt from the floor and wash it on schedule, and music speakers support conversation, put on music and help order food.

Floor scales can be part of a smart home, too. It will tell you what your body measurements are now and what has changed lately, whether you need to reconsider your diet or increase your exercise routine.

Can You Control It Through an App

Most floor scales work the same way: you stand on the device and the display shows your weight in kilograms. Any model will do the job. If you buy a smart scale, you will have the opportunity to compare the data with the figures from yesterday, last week, and even last month. Modern smart scales work together with an app on your smartphone or tablet, which is as user-friendly as PlayAmo. After weighing, all the information is displayed on your phone.

How Many People Can Use the Device

Modern smart scales are capable of storing data from several people, and they can see graphs of how their weight has changed. This is convenient if you have a large family or often have friends visiting.

The number of users that are stored in the memory of the device varies depending on the model.

The app automatically saves the information so you can use it later, for example, to chart your weight change. When the data is systematized, it’s easier to understand how and as a result of what your weight changes. For example, a weight loss program was changed, and after some time the weight graph went down. Then you can show this graph to your coach, so that he understands what was happening to your body and how this changed the weight. Or you can show the graph to your friends to brag about your results.

If They Know How to Work With Body Weight

Previously, the ratio of fat, muscle, water and bone tissue could only be found out in medical centers. With the advent of smart scales, everything has become much easier: You can get the data from the comfort of your own home.

Modern smart scales are a godsend for athletes and people who watch their diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some models of smart scales determine the body mass index BMI, which shows the ratio of weight to height. This helps you know whether to lose weight or gain weight. Or you can just make sure your weight is normal.

Looking at the statistics of changes in these indicators, you will understand whether the training process is correct or something needs to be changed. The scales may also show a discrepancy in the fat count, so even though the percentage of muscle will be lower, it is better to start dropping weight. This happens when an athlete drinks protein to gain weight, but if the load isn’t enough, he will gain fat mass instead of building muscle. In this case, the training must also be adjusted.

In the app, you can see how much water you have in your body and track changes in its volume. If you are preparing for a competition and need to lose water, you can use the app to monitor how this process is going. If your water isn’t going away, it’s a signal that it’s time to adjust your diet.

What About Safety

Weighing is quite an intimate process, and not everyone is willing to share this information even with family members. If a user has added a scale to his app, then when he stands up on it, he will only see data on his account, that is, his indicators. The dynamics will also be shown according to his data only.

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