How to Prepare Number System for CAT 2022 ExamHow to Prepare Number System for CAT 2022 Exam

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a national-degree front exam for control applications at Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and pinnacle B-Schools throughout the country.It assesses a candidate’s quantitative, information interpretation, verbal, and logical reasoning abilities.

Quantitative Aptitude out of all other sections can become a deciding factor or success or failure in the exam.Therefore, securing true marks in quantitative flair may be very important for a candidate to crack the CAT exam.

When it involves the weightage of various subjects withinside the quantitative flair section, Number System may be taken into consideration because the maximum essential a part of the CAT quantitative aptitude syllabus and consequently have to be not noted via way of means of any candidate.

However, on the same, you have to recognize which sub-subjects beneathneath the quantity device must be organized in relation to getting ready for CAT. Candidates would possibly spend time sprucing their competencies on locating the final digits or Binary to Decimal Conversion in Number System questions. It isn’t always vital in case you are analyzing for the CAT exam. CAT Preparation does now no longer call for such superior concepts.

On that note, let’s discuss the relevant topics with tips to ace all number system questions in the upcoming CAT exam.

Properties of Numbers

The essential residences of top numbers, co-top numbers, ideal squares, decimals, and fractions must be paid interest to Problems primarily based totally on top quantity characteristics frequently seem in CAT and different MBA front exams.

Divisibility Rules

All divisibility rules for numbers from 2 to 13 must be known by a learner.However, there may be a state of affairs where the divisibility rule of an integer larger than thirteen is needed. In such cases, but, the quantity can be factored into smaller numbers within the variety of two to thirteen. As a result, we can use the concept of divisibility rules of the number’s factors one after another to arrive at the final answer.


Any three-digit or four-digit composite quantity have to be top factorised quite simply via way of means of the student. So far, we have not visible a trouble that may be solved simply thru top factorization. Prime factorization, on the other hand, is frequently the first step in solving many issues based on HCF and LCM, as well as integral solutions.

Prime factorization is also important in solving some logical reasoning problems that involve splitting numbers. Practice following a variety of factorization problems.


Another major subtopic of the number system is HCF and LCM. HCF and LCM can be used to create a huge range of questions.

The idea of LCM is likewise hired as an opportunity method in lots of mathematical situations, along with paintings and time, in addition to time pace and distance. As a result, calculating the LCM of or greater numbers speedy is critical.

Elementary troubles on HCF and LCM, Relation of HCF and LCM of numbers with the product of these numbers, HCF and LCM of polynomials, and greater are a number of the maximum not unusualplace forms of questions primarily based totally on HCF and LCM.


A scholar ought to restriction himself to fixing questions about locating the rest which are totally primarily based totally at the basics of reminders.The Euler and Fermat theorems, as well as their applications in finding remainder, are highly useful.

However, difficulties with remainders can arise not just from the number system, but also from algebra. Luckily, the concept of answering questions in each of those areas is identical.

Unit Digit and Last Two digits

To remedy questions primarily based totally on figuring out the unit digit, a primary expertise of cyclicity is sufficient. Competitive checks have now and again protected questions relying at the ultimate digits. These had been additionally conceptual and smooth questions.

There are numerous strategies for figuring out a number’s ultimate digits, every with its personal set of requirements.As a result, it is always essential for a learner to strictly follow one of these strategies in order to avoid being confused when applying those methods.

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