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Massive technological advancements have led to an increase in electronic devices both at home and in offices leading to the rise in demand for power strips and surge protectors. The power strips and surges help you simultaneously charge multiple devices from a single wall outlet. 

A power strip is a device that enables you to connect your devices to one panel. The outlets have one male electric plug and an electrical wall outlet. However, you need to limit the number of connected devices to avoid overloading them or causing abnormal power spikes. Besides that, here are other causes of abnormal power spikes; 

Causes of abnormal power spikes

  • Electrical overload. When you draw excessive power from a single circuit, you may cause a power surge since the overwhelmed circuit will receive a massive current spike because of the extreme power drawn. 
  • Lightning. Power strips come in a specific design to generate electricity; however, lightning may interfere with this, causing an increase in power that may cause your devices to explode.
  • Power outages are pretty common, and they may indirectly cause abnormal power spikes since when the power comes back, there is usually an increase in current, which creates an excessive power surge that affects your power strip. 
  • Short circuit. A short course makes your power strip generate excessive power, which may lead to the exploding of your electronic device. 
  • Faulty wiring. Wiring is essential in the distribution of electricity. If it gets damaged or its casing gets exposed, there will be some electrical resistance, causing abnormal power spikes. Notably, a few signs will help you know whether you have faulty wiring to prevent considerable damage. 

It is challenging to avoid abnormal power spikes, but you can use some precautions to prevent your electronic devices from damaging. It would be best if you looked for a power strip that consists of a surge protector. 

For beginners, it may be challenging to know whether your power strip is a surge protector or not, but here are some ways you can use to identify it;

Joule rating

Joule rating refers to the energy or max voltage your surge protector can produce during a power spike. Power strips that do not have a surge protector have a low joule rating compared to those with it. 

Notably, the higher your power strips joule rating, the more protection it will offer you since it will take more hits. You can use it with devices that consume a lot of power, such as refrigerators. 


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Multiple outlets

Power strips that are surge protectors come up with multiple outlets, and you can use each of them simultaneously without overloading them. An example is the extension cord with switch which can handle several devices, making it suitable for homes with many electronic devices. Besides, it is also ideal for open office layouts structures. 

Notably, other power strips have fewer outlets limiting them from handling many devices; they can handle about four or more devices. You can check on the packaging to know the number of outlets your power strip consists of before purchasing it. 

High compatibility with electronic appliances

Some power strips are not compatible with every device since they can’t generate enough power for the devices. However, a power strip with a surge protector is different because it is compatible with many highly electrical-sensitive appliances. 

Homeowners can connect their coolers, water heaters, and cooking appliances to the power strip with power surges without worrying about whether they will get damaged. Large businesses can also use heavy-duty power strips with surge protectors for running machines. 


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Power strips that are surge protectors come with indicators that can either be light or an alarm system. They help you know when the reservoir is low so that you can unplug some of the devices and avoid overloading them. 

Notably, the indicator may also come on when you need to purchase a new unit of electricity; this makes it a suitable choice for businesses requiring constant power flow. You will get a warning; hence you will know when to purchase units and prevent the power from going off. The indicators may be different, and it would be best to see the one on a power strip you want to purchase. 

Safety properties

Surge protectors’ power strips come with safety measures that prevent your device from being damaged during an abnormal electrical spike. It may power off on its own, preventing the excessive power from reaching your device, hence damaging it. 

Notably, not all power strips with surge protectors turn off due to power outages. In some cases, it may be due to malfunctions. Therefore, you need to research more about the safety properties of your power strip to avoid any confusion. 


The above tips will help you identify whether your power strip contains a surge protector or not. If you purchase the right kind of strip, you will enjoy powering all the different devices in your household without any worries. You can research the different types of power strips with surge protectors available in the market to help you discover which one works best for you. In case of any issues with your power strip, it will be best to contact an electrician to help know what the problem is. 

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