How to Use Quartz BangersHow to Use Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers are a stylish device for dabbing. It is one of the top innovations in the world of smoking concentrates. They come in different styles, from the most simplistic design to the high-roller design.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure to have your concentrates evenly heated up, which protects the lip-smacking terpene-rich flavor. Quartz bangers offer a user-friendly and intuitive method of experiencing dabbing episodes. This smoking accessory looks pretty straightforward.

However, it requires a bit of skill and knowledge to use than you would think. For a start, its usage is different from the traditional dab nail. That is why it is crucial to understand how it works and how to use it before you attempt using it. This post provides an extensive guide on how to use your device.

Step-by-step Guide on How to use a Quartz Banger

Step 1: Season your Quartz Banger

Before you start dabbing with your new quartz banger, the first thing to do is to season it. Seasoning the device is almost like how you season a new cast iron pan to eliminate residue that may have accumulated on it while still in the warehouse.

Seasoning your device improves the material’s surface. It also makes it easy for the concentrate’s oil to build a micro-coating, which is beneficial to the flavor experience. So, how do you season your quartz banger?

  • Connect it properly to the rig’s joint, heat it with a butane torch, and wait until it turns red. Suffice to mention that it would not turn bright red like it would in subsequent use.
  • Make sure to only heat up the bottom surface and not the joint. If you heat the joint, it can damage it.
  • Once it turns red, remove the torch.

That is all you need to season your quartz banger. After this, your device is ready for use and you can begin to dab with it. It should be noted that you can also heat your quartz banger with an e-nail. This is an electronic device attached to your rig. It offers a steady temperature to your banger in the exact temperature you choose.

Step 2: Choose your Dabbing Style

You can dab in two ways – low-temperature dabbing and high-temperature dabbing. Low temperature is generally considered 315 to 450 degrees while the high temperature is 450 to 600 degrees. You will not properly and evenly activate the compounds if you use any degree lower than 315.

If you use a lower degree, it will only produce a small vapor. In the same way, you will only get a strong harsh taste when you go above 600 degrees because the high temperature will burn some important compounds in the concentrate. The result would be an undesirable taste.

It is recommended that you choose low-temperature dabbing if you want less potency and high flavor. Meanwhile, if you want a stronger potency level and huge hits, you should opt for high temperatures.

Step 3: Dab with your Quartz Banger

Having seasoned your quartz banger and decide on your dabbing style, the next step is to start the dabbing process. Here is how to get started!

  • Heat the banger with a torch or e-nail before putting any concentrates in it. It takes about 30-45 seconds to make the banger glow if you are using a torch. Since an e-nail is an electronic device, you will get a notification when the banger gets to the correct temperature.

After heating the banger, wait for it to cool down a bit for another 30-45 seconds. If you don’t allow it to cool down appropriately, you will get a burnt taste. If the concentrate’s oil begins to pool up, then it is too cool.

The truth is that the process of using quartz bangers requires a bit of trial and error until you get used to it. So, do not beat yourself up if you do not get the correct vapor and taste in a few attempts.

  • After you have heated and cooled your banger properly, use a dab tool to move the concentrates to the banger. Carefully place the concentrates at the lower end of the banger to avoid an accumulation on the sides.

If the concentrates accumulate, they may turn into gunk and not convert to vapor properly. It is worth mentioning that the quantity of concentrate you place in your banger depends on the shape and size of the device.

  • After placing the concentrates at the base of your banger, place the carb cap on the banger and take the first hit. The carb cap will enhance the airflow to create more concentrated hits.

With this, you will enjoy a cool terpene flavor with smooth vapor that is thick, abundant, and not irritating. It is recommended that you stick to a single puff per session a couple of times if you are new to dabbing. That is because the potency level may be too much for you as a beginner.

How to Maintain Quartz Bangers

The first thing is to know how to use quartz bangers. The next is to know how to maintain them. You must clean your device after every session. That is because a buildup of residue from your dabbing can color the flavor. Here is how to clean your quartz bangers:

  • Remove the banger from the joint and soak it in a cleaning solution. You can buy a ready-made cleaning solution for quartz bangers and you can make yours. To make one at home, mix salt, water, and isopropyl alcohol and let the device sits in the mixture for thirty minutes.
  • Next, remove it and use a cotton swab to wipe it down
  • Give it a good rinse and store it carefully. This will ensure you have excellent taste every time you use it.

There you have the simple steps to get a hit for the first time from your quartz bangers and how to maintain your device. As mentioned, the process at the beginning is mostly trial and error. However, as you get used to the device, it becomes easier to get an accurate level of heating up, cooling down, and concentrates’ measurements.


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