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Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and a preferred tourist destination for family and business trips. There is a superfluity of destinations to cover in this magnificent city and it is not possible to cover it unless you hire a private vehicle for a full-day Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai or Abu Dhabi-based tourism companies or private bus rental companies. 

Destinations in Abu Dhabi are spread across a wide area and it becomes quite cumbersome when you are travelling with a large group. Many tour operators like AAli Bus Rental & Tourism Dubai LLC come forward to relieve tourists from the hassles of finding comfy and stylish buses to make Abu Dhabi city tour extremely enjoyable. 

Lots of tourists visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai to explore the beauty of this amazing city each day. Let others know all the beautiful spots in the city with Socialwick, increase your social media visibility with minimal effort.

The Abu Dhabi city is 140km far from Dubai and takes approx 1 hour and 50 minutes if you take a ride by Dubai to Abu Dhabi taxi or private transfer buses; there are so many private transport companies who offer Dubai to Abu Dhabi transfer by private buses and minivan which is even cheaper compared to metre taxis.

Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi City:

There are lots of natural, modern, and heritage attractions in Abu Dhabi which deserve to be visited. Below are a few top tourist attractions lists that will help new travellers where to visit in Abu Dhabi city.


Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the biggest mosque in the Middle East and considered the most visited place in Abu Dhabi city.

The mosque design idea and architecture design was inspired by different countries like Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, and Morocco, etc. The mosque can accommodate up to 60k worshippers and travellers each time.


The Grand Mosque is built of costly white marbles, the 84 white marble domes, and the reflecting water pools and the amazing prayer hall with the largest man-made carpet makes it one of the beautiful leisure destinations in Abu Dhabi city. It’s a wonder spot and must be on the tourist bucket list.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World is located in Abu Dhabi Yas Island and it is the largest Ferrari branded theme park in the world featuring the world’s fastest roller-coaster, live shows, and treasure of beautiful Ferrari racing cars. 

This iconic building has lots of restaurants and shopping shops where you can spend even a whole day with family.

If you are truly a car lover then visit Ferrari World and enjoy an amazing ride with kids and other adventure activities.

Yas Mall:  Yas Mall is one of the luxury shopping malls located just near Ferrari world, you can buy some amazing stuff here. 

The shopping mall offers a dining and entertainment experience also, so you can have shopping and let your child enjoy some indoor adventure activities offered by Yas Mall.


Heritage Village Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is not just limited to modern attractions, the city has lots of heritage attractions that reflect the Arab Old tradition, the way of the old Arab people’s life, and how they live their life in the Desert. 

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is one of the most visited heritage spots in Abu Dhabi city, you will find a huge rush of travellers from different countries of the world to see the Arab Old tradition.

Here you can spend 3, 4 hours and can enjoy watching camels, horses, traditional old accessories, you can buy some Arabic traditional attire and jewellery in small shops located inside Heritage Village.

Also snap some amazing pictures of the beach & city view which is clearly seen from Heritage Village.

Emirate Palace Abu Dhabi: The most luxurious and costly hotel in Abu Dhabi. The overall atmosphere, the pool, the garden, and the beach generate an amazing view. The beautiful Arabian-style interior and luxury services make this place a must-visited leisure spot in Abu Dhabi.

Dates Market: UAE is famous for a variety of dates and lots of tourists visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai and other cities to buy dates in the Abu Dhabi dates market. Here you will find lots of dates shops selling all types of dates. The famous date is Ajwa, you can taste it for free and can buy it at a cheap rate.


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